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Monday, March 24, 2014


I am so excited to announce the new u-tube video for the OVER THE MOON VINTAGE MARKET!  I would love to hear from my blogger friends what you think of it~~~~it's only 2 minutes long!  Girls just wanna have F*U*N!
I would sooo appreciate anyone who has a FB page and could share!  We are over 1100 LIKES and would love that number to grow!
.........and what is your favorite "thing" about the video or favorite item that would make you Over the Moon?

I know so many of my blogger friends would love to be at the upcoming show but live far away.....but you guys are with me in my heart!  Be BLESSED~~~~Roxie


  1. Hi Roxie! The video is wonderful. I love everything about it and in it. It's so well done and it looks like a quality show. I'm not too far away and have it on my calendar. Sounds so exciting!!

  2. Great video, Roxie. I love one of the first frames of the wagon wheels and I loved the one with the pergola piece, too. It is all great~ Wish I lived close enough to see it in person- xo Diana

  3. Oh Roxie - what a great video - so professional and I love that catchy tune too. Good luck - wish I could be there but I know you will have lots of lovely pics to share. Hope the weather is beautiful by that time as well.

  4. Roxie,
    What a fun video and to see all the treasures woooo hoooo! I wish I lived closer. Now I have that song in my head. I will be humming it all day! LOL! Have a great day.

  5. Hi Roxie! How exciting for you! (I loved seeing the little mobile trailer in one of the shots). I'm sorry I live so far away, but you know I'd be there in an instant if I could. I hope you just sell and sell :)
    Thank you for sharing your video, it's so fun to see yet another side of your creativity.

  6. Roxie,
    I LOVE IT! How funny that we were thinking of this same song. I was actually going to put the song on my post, but just put it on the title instead. What a sweet video, and I have to say that I really liked the sign "your husband called he said buy it." There are so many cute vintage items, and I wish I could go to the show myself.

    Yes, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. LOVE YOUR POST TODAY, ROXIE!


  7. Good Morning Roxie, I love the video . . . oh, how I wish I was close enough to attend. Love the sign that read, " Your husband called . . . he said buy it! That made my morning :)
    We are meeting with the realtor today to do one more extension, but it does look like we'll have the keys sometime next week. That is if the good Lord is willing. This has certainly been a lesson in having patience and waiting in faith :)
    Your Over The Moon Fair is going to be so much fun! I can imagine that you are very busy planning and packing up Sweetie.
    Have fun!
    Connie :)

  8. great video, roxie! hope it's a sellout for you!

  9. A great video. Grabs your attention and showcases lots of really neat things. Just one suggestion - where is this held? It shows the building but doesn't say which city and state. If it is near me, I'd love to attend.