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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I saw this PINK VINTAGE FORD PICK-UP a few weeks ago.  It is being used as an advertisement for the guys garage at the back of the lot it sits on.  OH MY!!  Imagine what us "JUNKIN  SHABBY GIRLS" could do with that!!!   The wheels in my mind are turning!!     I  LOOOVVVEE  IT!    It's perfect just the way it has aged.   OHH that PINK and preetty Blue  Striping!    Sorry Sir...don't know if you realize this should belong to a SHABBY  SWEET VINTAGE FEMALE!!      From one sweetie to another......Roxie

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Memory of "SWEETIE" -A true little Diva!

Feb. 23 is a sad day for me.  This day last year my precious "SWEETIE" went missing.  Even though I had known her less than 6 years (my husband brought her to OHIO after we got married)  I grew very fond of her.
She was true Diva (for a KY cat!).  Believe it or not, she was 16 years old and didn't look it!  Isn't that just like us "DIVAS"?   I had taken her to the vet just a few months before she went missing and the vet asked me how old she was-I said 16 and he said you mean 6?  Nope, 16!   She couldn't believe it!  Said that was the healthiest cat she had ever seen inside and out.  (Of course, Sweetie was there for a broken leg)  Wont go into that.  Anyway, I miss her greatly  so I named this BLOG after her!
     By-the-way, here are a few pictures of my other animals.  Want to give them some recognition too!  LUCY is the one comforting SWEETIE.  They grew up together as kittens.  LUCY cried loud for days after SWEETIE went missing.  She is the white and orange one.
    Then there is SKITTLES.  He is my sons cat.  Big, laid back SKITTLES-aka...Mr. Pickles and another name  (older kids give him)  It rhymes with skittles.....that's all I'll say about that.
     Last but not poodle PHOEBE!  Crazy, lovable Phoebe.  Always following me everywhere!

Well enough about the ANIMAL KINGDOM!    I guess we can't help ourselves when it comes to our furry friends!                                   From one SWEETIE to another--Always, Roxie

Monday, February 6, 2012


Today is a beautiful day and for some reason I have been feeling sentimental today.  My Mom and I went out for a few errands and lunch, stopped by the OHIO VALLEY ANTIQUE MALL, ran into my good friend BEVERLY (Vintage CHIC) with her 5-yr. old adorable twins, Jamie and Lorna.  I just didn't want to be inside on such a pretty day!  For some reason this day reminded me of the day I sold my 1967 TRAILBLAZER Trailer.  Pretty blue skies, quiet, so I got on a FAV WEB "Sisters on the Fly"!  This site inspired me a few years ago to want to buy a Vintage Trailer and fix her up!  Well, I found this SWEET thing in a yard at a local citywide yard sale.   No sale sign, but I had to ask!  My husband thought I was crazy!!!(even tho he went along with it, I don't think he thought anything would come of It) WRONG!!

   Bought my PRETTY SWEET THING for $300.00 at a yard sale.  It came with original pretty shutters on the outside.  (I was told that the TRAILBLAZER BRAND was the only trailer made with original shutters at factory).  Well, to make a long story short, before we were able to start fixin her up---I was diagnosed with the ugly C word.   Sometime after that we decided to sell because it wasn't the right time to fix her up.  (Had more important things (my health) to take care of!  Most important GOD has been my keeper and kept me.  The doctors say I am stable  but GOD says I am Healed!   In time, I know my husband and I will get that next SWEET VINTAGE TRAILER but till then I will look at these pictures and be sentimental about her!  I had a lot of SHABBY SWEET PLANS FOR HER!   In the meantime, a nice couple bought her, restored her and are taking good care of her!                                   Always,  Roxie