Trust in the LORD with all your HEART. Lean not unto your own understanding, but acknowledge him in all thy ways and he will direct your path.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have a GOOD reason for being M.I.A these last few days................

We are MOVING!!  I know, I know, you asked WHAT?  Well, it came quickly for us too!  Hubby and I have been thinking very seriously about MOVING in the last year or so.  One thing led to another and it just came together.......Our first step to pre-retirement??  Downsizing??  After many prayers...LORD direct our HEART is to have more time with you, never before, TIME is short, to WIN SOULS for your PRAY for the sick, to FEED the needy......

And YES.....MOVING can be stressful!  But everything is going great and we are looking forward to our NEW ADVENTURE!  My prayer is LORD lead me and I will follow!
I will be a little scarce for a few weeks to come but I will continue to follow my favorite blogger friends and leave comments.  Please pray for us in this next chapter of our lives...........BLESSINGS to you and have a wonderful week!      Roxie

Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm privileged to take you on a BEAUTIFUL HOME TOUR!  This is Vickies home from 2 CHICKS and a TRUCK!  She is also a DESIGNER VENDOR and on the committee at the coming OVER THE MOON VINTAGE MARKET SHOW!  This part of  the tour is the downstairs of her home......I hope you ENJOY!

Let's  start at the ENTRY FOYER.  The first picture is also in the FOYER.  The childrens bench butts up to the stair case wall........

                          To the right of the FOYER, is the DINING ROOM.   Breathtaking!!

This is a door off of an ANTIQUE ARMOIRE' turned into a coat/hat rack.  This is also located in the entry /foyer area. (sorry, meant to post before dining room)

                                                      Antique buffet in DINING ROOM

                                                                    DINING ROOM

                                                                    DINING ROOM

The OVER THE MOON committee was greeted with a beautiful table setting!  The food was delish!

                                                                          The kitchen

                                                         Vickies SWEET ISLAND

                                                     Part of the LIVING ROOM

                                                        A BEAUTIFUL VIGNETTE

                                                      Still in the LIVING ROOM

                                                             The SUNROOM


I hope you have enjoyed the first part of this HOME TOUR!   There is so much to see and I will show her upstairs at a later time.  Vickie doesn't have a BLOG at this time, but is planning one for the future!
Have a wonderful and blessed weekend my friends!   ~~~~~Roxie

Monday, January 14, 2013


                                    Have you ever DANCED or PLAYED in the RAIN?

I have!  Many times in my fondest memories were taking my son out in the RAIN to play when he was growing up!

                            I have always found the RAIN refreshing, cleansing, and exhilarating!

                  Anyone who has ever faced dark storms in your LIFE.........knows what this means too.....
I thank GOD everyday of my LIFE, for making me a STRONGER person than I thought I could ever be, for his AWESOME LOVE, for HEALING my body, for his MERCY and GRACE.....for without him, I am NOTHING.....

HOSEA 10:12-Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the LORD, till he come and RAIN righteousness upon you

Have a wonderful and BLESSED week~~~~~~Roxie

Friday, January 11, 2013


After looking at my most "POPULAR " pageview hits for 2012, I decided to give HONOR and RECOGNITION to those posts........The first one is THE VINTAGE GLIDER Re-purposed into a VINTAGE PINK SWING!
I wanted a SWING hanging from the side yard trees, so when hubby and I came across this damaged VINTAGE GLIDER with aluminum handles, we knew this would be PERFECT for a tree swing. (I am sorry I didn't take before pictures...forgot).  The GLIDER was overall in good shape, but my hubby worked very hard restoring, painting and hanging it for me!  I LOVE IT!  It truly is "PRETTY in PINK"

This VINTAGE aqua color METAL CHAIR was found in this condition at a yard sale for $5.00 a few years ago.  I have never seen this design or pattern before and it is very precious to me.  Again, hubby gets the credit for digging in a garage and finding it.  The old man having the sale had it covered up and forgot it was there!!  Mike and Frank from American Pickers have nothing on my PICKIN' HUBBY!  LOL!!!

This is the FAMOUS $2.00 VINTAGE METAL GLIDER!   I purchased this for $2.00 at a city wide yard sale about 4 years ago.  It was raining like cats and dogs that day, very few people were out and this guy had this sitting way back by his garage door.  I asked about it and he said yeah, I'll sell it..........I said, how much do you want for it?  And he said....I'll take 2!     I said......$200.00?        HE LAUGHED and said NO!.....$2.00                 SOLD    SOLD   SOLD   SOLD       Hubby restored and painted....this is HIS BABY!   I do have BEFORE PICS!

This is the BEFORE..........Overall, pretty decent shape....few minor holes bottom front

Another "AFTER" PICTURE!  We also found a matching chair sometime later....he restored and painted the same color

Nice VINTAGE SPRING BACK METAL Chairs.............the way we found them!  Anywhere from $1.00 to $10.00 ea.

This SUNBURST beauty was found summer of 2012.  This VINTAGE  GLIDER is a little rough in the front only, mechanics work great!  My hubby is looking forward to RESTORING this one!   It was purchased for $25.00 at a yard sale......
I have a few more UNIQUE CHAIRS and ONE ROUGH GLIDER, we found this past fall.  I will POST about them later.
I hope you enjoyed my MOST POPULAR POSTS PAGEVIEWS for 2012!  Hubby and I LOVE collecting them (especially HIM) and sharing with  my fellow bloggers.  JUNKING is so never know what you will find and be BLESSED with!!      From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WINTER GARDEN DREAM.................

                                  Let's take a stroll through the WINTER GARDEN DREAM.....



                              So Simple, but Sweet!

                            There is BEAUTY in everything....

                           BEST of FRIENDS......


                                       LOVE the BLUE.......



                                                     STRONG and COURAGEOUS......


                                                  WINTER GARDEN PARTY.............

      What? The DREAM'S over.......It's TIME to wake up now!  Gotta get back to the REAL World!
  EAT some CHOCOLATE!!   PRAY........Read the WORD.......Be NICE........Help Someone.......Keep a SMILE on your FACE........BLESSINGS for a Wonderful week!        Roxie

Monday, January 7, 2013


Here is the VINTAGE HAT that will be used to DRAW the WINNER of the VINTAGE COIN PURSE NECKLACE.....................

All the NAMES are in...........And the WINNER is.......................

Please e-mail me your address Ann and I will be getting your gift to you in a few days....
Have a blessed and wonderful week!        Roxie

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"OVER THE MOON" Designers Market Show and a GIVE-A-WAY!!!

Here is MORE INFO on the  "OVER THE MOON" Vintage Market!  These are the NEW flyers!!!   This is a very exciting time to be part of an "OVER THE MOON" Fabulous show!  I hope  my blogger friends, who are within a reasonable distance, can attend.  I would LOVE to meet you!  Again, I will be posting more about the show in the weeks to come!

Now, the GIVE-A-WAY!  Please leave a comment about what FAVORITE STYLE is yours or would LOVE to see at the show.  There is a list of designs and styles on the "right" flyer above!  More than one is permitted or use your OWN!!  I will put your name in a VINTAGE HAT and pull the random winner on Mon. Jan 7.  This CELEBRATES my FIRST Year of SWEET VINTAGE OF MINE!

What is the GIVE-A-WAY item you ASK?  It is a VINTAGE Black COIN PURSE embellished into a NECKLACE!

This darling vintage coin purse was embellished by Beverly (VINTAGE CHIC) and Jack(HABERDASHERY) finished into a necklace.  The Brooch looks like a snowflake and accented with old tatting.  It's VERY SWEET!

So get your EYES on and be part of the GIVE-A-WAY!  I appreciate and enjoy all my blogging friends for making this a wonderful year for SWEET VINTAGE OF MINE!  I have made unforgettable and beautiful friendships!  Be Blessed !     From one SWEETIE to ANOTHER~~~~~Roxie