Trust in the LORD with all your HEART. Lean not unto your own understanding, but acknowledge him in all thy ways and he will direct your path.

Monday, September 30, 2013


The holidays will be approaching before we know it, so I decided to change my vintage frame chalkboard from "Blessings" to a "Family" theme.
The chalkboard is quite large and hangs on my dining room wall.  I wanted to give my family some inspirational encouragement to their hearts and mind!
I love a touch of french in my home and this frame says that........I can't wait to get started on our cottage!
Before pics will be coming soon!     ~~~~~Blessings~~~~~Roxie

Saturday, September 21, 2013


                                                       ~~~~~~ PROMISE~~~~~

Isn't this sweet?  What a creative way to make a lovely word!  This was at the booth of ROMANTIQUE and purchased by my cousin Vickie at the Springfield Extravaganza this weekend in Ohio.

You don't hear this word often..........."PROMISE"  
Such a pretty word with meaning...........

Have you ever PROMISED?        I PROMISE to...........?     Can you fill in the blank?

Have you ever heard the old saying "Never make a PROMISE you can't keep?"
One thing I know for sure........God always keeps his PROMISES!



Kris from invited me to be her guest for "Meet the person behind the blog" today.  This is something that her and Susan from "Must Love Junk" started a few months ago.  Kris is full of creativity and loves to decorate her beautiful cottage home!  If you have never been to Kris' blog, you don't know what you're missing!!  She is full of ideas, energy, loves people and life!  I am honored to be her guest.

                So, I would love for you to take a visit at junk chic cottage  and be a follower if you aren't already!  Be blessed and have a wonderful weekend~~~Roxie

Monday, September 16, 2013


Fall will be here before we know it........just  a week away!  I am actually looking forward to it because it's my favorite time of year!  Here are a few pics that remind us so................

                                                "The Crowning Pumpkin"

                                             Mums in an old double washtub

   extra large sunflower from my garden a few years ago.........the biggest, best one I ever grew!

                           The beautiful sweet, stillness of a church decorated for Fall
                                       I took this pic somewhere in Kentucky

Are you looking forward to Fall?  Have a wonderful and blessed week~~~Roxie

Friday, September 6, 2013


I want you to meet this sweet yellow cottage.  It is almost 85 yrs old and located on a small quiet street.  The nice one acre lot is filled with old pines, sycamore trees, an oak tree, even a walnut tree.  There are a couple of majestic maples as well.

Sweet yellow Cottage has seen better days but has great bones and lots of character!  Some of it's bones need some rubbing and work......It needs a good clean bath.......and loving arms wrapped around it to make it feel loved!

Lord willing, in these next months to come, Hubby and I will be moving into this sweet cottage!  We have committed to buying this house and hope to start work on it in the weeks to come.
We are anxiously ready to start renovating for we want to do as much as possible before moving in early next Spring.
Though I love a yellow cottage, we will be changing the color and replacing cedar shakes that are damaged.  I like the fact, all the living is on one floor!  There is a cute upstairs dormer room for guests.  I'm so EXCITED.....but lots of work ahead!  Lord, help us!
I will be keeping you informed as we go along these next months...........from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie        BLESSINGS!

Also........thank you everyone for your prayers these last days for my Mother and family friends!  My Mother is slowly getting better (no surgery at this time!!!) and Jimmy (5 blockages) is doing fabulous!!  Please continue to pray for the family who lost their 15 month old baby girl...........You are all such a BLESSING to me!   Thank you Lord for answered prayers!     God is good!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I BELIEVE in the POWER of PRAYER.........

            We never know what each new day will hold for us...............

                                   I am asking for prayers.........serious prayers

These last few days have been filled with sorrow, hurt, and pain.  Not one issue, but three.

First, my Mother was in the hospital for 5 days with severe pain in the abdomen.  I won't go into details at this time, but they are looking at surgery.  She is 80 years young and in very good health overall.  I would like for my friends to pray for complete healing for my Mother in her colon and abdomen area.  Her pain has subsided  some and she is feeling better but she may have a lot facing her.  My God is the HEALER and I accept nothing but that for her!

A couple I know, tragically lost their 15 month old daughter, Grace to drowning in the family swimming pool a few days ago.  They are a beautiful family and love the Lord and are an apitemy of what a family should be.  No words can hardly be spoken on this tragedy.  Please pray for comfort, strength and peace for them.

Also, a dear friend, Jimmy (this is who introduced me to my hubby Ken) underwent surgery yesterday for 5 blockages in his heart. One blockage was the main artery.  Jimmy is only 55.  His wife, Marlene, I have known my whole life.  He still has a lot more facing him and he isn't "out of the woods" yet.  Doctors believe there is heart damage.  Please pray there is NO damage to his heart and he will be good as new!  Complete and divine HEALING is his.....

This was one of my favorite scriptures that I BELIEVED in going through my "C".  We must have FAITH, We must BELIEVE that Gods WORD is the TRUTH!  And his WORD WORKS!!

I know things happen in our lives we can't see coming or help.  But I also know, God gives us these bodies for us to take care of.  Our body is our temple.......he gives us choices to do the right thing......
                     I pray if you are struggling with something or have never known the Lord as your personal Savior,  He is here for you!!  Give him your worries, pain, hurt......Give him your HEART!
All you have to do is ask......ask him with a meaningful heart to help you,  or to forgive you!  He LOVES us with a LOVE that is greater than we can imagine.  He sent his only son, JESUS to die for our sins!

I LOVE being a christian.........the world has nothing I want.......I only want Jesus!

Have a wonderful week and many Blessings~~~~from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Here a a few pics of "Sweetie" at the Oakley Fancy Flee.  Love the surroundings of this town in Cincy!

Look at the sweet hair dryer.......It is in perrrrfect shape!  LOVE the colors and design.....PEACE!

This traveling boutique was directly across from me.  First one of these I've seen in person.  Awesome!

                                                                      A few pretties!

              Thought I would throw this in.....Cincy was known as "porkopolis" in it's early heyday

                                                                 It was FUN!

Have a wonderful holiday! Blessings~~~Roxie