Trust in the LORD with all your HEART. Lean not unto your own understanding, but acknowledge him in all thy ways and he will direct your path.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015



                         Yep, It's been a while............
 If you are wondering......I have been keeping myself pretty busy these last few months.  Things I LOVE to do.......and things I don't care to do.

One of those "things" I love is visiting the Farmers Markets in our area......
Isn't this just the SWEETEST thing selling flowers off this pick-up bed turned FLOWER STAND?

As I stated earlier in the year...I won't be blogging as much as I use to. BUT, I still enjoy visiting your blogs, seeing all the creativity one shares or just a GOOD, ENCOURAGING post that makes one smile!

You of the "things" I don't care to do is seeing a "C" Doctor.....but it is necessary.  Even though everything is going GREAT,  I have been back on treatment since March....yuk.
The Doc wants to try to shrink that ugly tumor a little more.............Hey, it's been almost 6 yrs!  Isn't GOD good!
                  In the will find me visiting Farmers Markets, Flea Markets and some Junking.  And of course, thanking the Lord for everything he has done for me in my life!
                     Please keep me in your prayers~~~~Love you all!