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Sunday, October 27, 2013


                                     No.......this isn't my cottage kitchen renovation!
This is a picture of my dear cousin Vickies kitchen (two chicks and a truck).  I had taken several pics back earlier this year.  There was a wonderful response to this posting so I am showing  some new pics and a few I have posted before.  Enjoy....  Her home is B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L!     She is also a vendor at OVER THE MOON Vintage Market Show!

                                                               living room

                                                       a quaint eating nook

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Vickies home.  She is ALWAYS changing things around!  Tell me what is your favorite room or item?
Blessings to you and a wonderful week~~~Roxie

Sunday, October 20, 2013



I thought I would give my blogger friends an update on the cottage.  We still have not taken possession of it because the couple living there needed an extra month to move.  So hubby and I agreed.
In the meantime, we have been looking at new roofing and having estimates......and I have been looking at pics for ideas on the cottages very small kitchen.  Can I tell you....I AM ANTSY!  Very ANTSY!
I came across this picture that I liked.  I like the glass cabinets and the island.  But see the rocking chair?  Lovely and all but this is how I feel......WAITING......and more WAITING.......I'm rocking and waiting!! are a few pics that have caught my eye for shelving.  Enjoy!

I love the French look of this small kitchen.  The simple open shelving is nice.  Of course, the Island and sink are gorgeous!

                   Same kitchen.....different view

         I thought his old cupboard on the wall would be a great idea for an open shelf look

      LOVE this!  Especially the galvanized top of the counter/furniture piece.  Very simple elegance

I actually have one of these coops!  I was looking to sell it but now I'm not so sure.......... this may be something to consider!

This is darling too!  More shelving....which I could do, but this may be too much for me.  Again, the sink and farm table is so nice!

                 This grabs me....LOVE the table and the single shelf in the background.

Hopefully, around two weeks, I can start showing you "before" pics of the cottage.  I still have "ants in my pants" but will be patient and take care of other things while I am waiting.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


                                                        (pic from my friend Laura...thanks!)

It's here!  The new winter copy of ROMANTIC COUNTRY!  The "Over the Moon" committee was happy to see our published ad for the winter/holiday show.

                                        Mr. Moon is very happy too!

Show dates~~~Fri. November 22~~~4p.m. to 9p.m.  Opening of the show
                         Sat. November 23~~9a.m. to 4p.m.

At the Lawrenceburg Fairgrounds, Lawrenceburg, IND    inside Agner Hall
Across the street from Hollywood Casino

Please visit Over the Moon Vintage Market FB page and LIKE!!      Thanks and Blessings~~~Roxie

Saturday, October 12, 2013


I went JUNKING a few days ago and found some great I thought I would share them with my blogging friends!
I couldn't pass up this "RUSTY-GOLD" find.......A Vintage Firestone bicycle!  Great bones for the yard/garden!!  This will look fabulous PAINTED as well!!!
This will be at the Over the Moon Vintage Market........Nov. 22, 23

Who can't pass up a great set of galvanized wash tubs on wheels!  Chippy white paint, solid, and so many uses!  Hold your favorite ice and drinks, a wonderful planter in the garden, or a Christmas tree in one side with the wrapped gifts in the other!!  I always do my happy dance when I can find one of these!

Just plain SWEET!!  A childs bench with storage.  Probably made by a Grandpa because it's dated on the back for his little princess.  The vintage decals of the dutch children are adorable.  I haven't cleaned it yet...

I found these two pieces separate.......and put them together!  One can use their imagination on this.  Very primitive/farmhouse.  Lots of uses!  I'm looking for something to put in it for the show........

I had a fabulous junking day and enjoyed every minute of it!  Tell me, which one of these captures your heart and why?  I love hearing where/what something can be used for.....Upcycle or Recycle-LOVE it!!
Blessings~~~from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I'm starting to put our "Renovation Portfolio" together for the yellow cottage.  The three major improvements will be..1) Replacing cedar shakes and any other improvements that is necessary on the body of  cottage.  2) Deciding on a new color stain, once the cedar shakes are finished.  3) A new roof                                        

Hubby and I have narrowed it down to 2 paint/stain colors......I would like my blogger friends to give me some of their thoughts!
Here are some things to consider..............

                                     The cottage was built in 1929-1930
                                     It is on an acre lot with lots of older trees
                                     There is NO lake,pond near or on the property
                                     You can't see it from the pic, but the front door is original.  Heavy and dark but
                                      unique with old door knocker.  It looks like something out of a castle or a Hansel
                                      and Gretel cottage
                                      It had original diamond grids in the front windows, but the owner replaced the
                                      windows and did keep the diamond grids

Now considering the surroundings, here are the 2 colors we are thinking about. ( I know these houses do not look like this cottage....but I'm looking at the color.

                                  A deep brown stain/paint with the white accents

                        This cottage has the gray roof.......and the brown shingle

          Here is a better look at a gray/brown roof with the dark brown cedar and white trim

                           This cottage is smaller like ours.  This has a light gray roof


Now here is a GRAY stain we are considering.  This cottage has the diamond grids also.  For some reason, I feel a gray cottage belongs near water....more light and airy.  But I do LIKE the color GRAY the best...but I don't know about it on a treed lot........My hubby likes the earthy tone of brown with the treed lot and that does make sense to me!

And also, we will be putting up a PERGOLA in the front of the house.  It will be to the right of the front door......and go across past the corner of the house approx. 3-4 ft.  It will be painted white.
This pic gives you an idea of what we are wanting.......

So this is just the start............the flag pole will be removed and placed elsewhere.  The white fence will come down once the pergola is put in (that probably won't happen until next spring).  We are thinking about  "boosting" up the area above the door....maybe making it more prominent.  Can you vision the white pergola?  I plan on making that a quaint area to sit with a beautiful flowering vine and gardens around it curving to the right side of the house.  I could go on and on...........
Anyway, I hope to get more "before" pics soon...........and plan on reporting at least twice a month on our progress once we can get started.
In the meantime, I will post a few other pics of my kitchen and bath ideas too!  Be Blessed~~~Roxie

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


About a month ago, Hubby and I took a little venture to Glendale, Ky.  It's such a quaint little town.  Very small with a train running through it's downtown.  I think it has a "Petticoat Junction" appeal to it.

Look at this precious farmhouse.............I LOVE it!!

                                 Look at the old bicycle..........Oh, what a lovely porch!
I will miss a porch when we move to "the cottage"......but I've got something in mind for that!

We ate at the famous "Whistle Stop".  Good Food!  It was adorable inside........the building sits next to the railroad tracks.......the tracks are to the right of the pole

                                  Neat old buildings with lovely shops inside

                                                  VINTAGE and ANTIQUES galore!

               So many pretty houses.........this one grabbed my heart too!  It's sooo SWEET!
                            Look at the log cabin to the left in the picture

A simple house..........but look at the beautiful fretwork/gingerbread detailing the house.  And who can't love that green metal roof!

This is one of the oldest buildings on the main drag. (Main st. on the right of building)  This front faces the railroad track.
There were many more pics I could have was a Bed and Breakfast called Petticoat Junction!  It sat next to the RR tracks....just like the old t.v. show!

I hope you enjoyed your little tour......hubby and I enjoyed our day there!!  Blessings and a wonderful week~~~Roxie