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Sunday, October 6, 2013


I'm starting to put our "Renovation Portfolio" together for the yellow cottage.  The three major improvements will be..1) Replacing cedar shakes and any other improvements that is necessary on the body of  cottage.  2) Deciding on a new color stain, once the cedar shakes are finished.  3) A new roof                                        

Hubby and I have narrowed it down to 2 paint/stain colors......I would like my blogger friends to give me some of their thoughts!
Here are some things to consider..............

                                     The cottage was built in 1929-1930
                                     It is on an acre lot with lots of older trees
                                     There is NO lake,pond near or on the property
                                     You can't see it from the pic, but the front door is original.  Heavy and dark but
                                      unique with old door knocker.  It looks like something out of a castle or a Hansel
                                      and Gretel cottage
                                      It had original diamond grids in the front windows, but the owner replaced the
                                      windows and did keep the diamond grids

Now considering the surroundings, here are the 2 colors we are thinking about. ( I know these houses do not look like this cottage....but I'm looking at the color.

                                  A deep brown stain/paint with the white accents

                        This cottage has the gray roof.......and the brown shingle

          Here is a better look at a gray/brown roof with the dark brown cedar and white trim

                           This cottage is smaller like ours.  This has a light gray roof


Now here is a GRAY stain we are considering.  This cottage has the diamond grids also.  For some reason, I feel a gray cottage belongs near water....more light and airy.  But I do LIKE the color GRAY the best...but I don't know about it on a treed lot........My hubby likes the earthy tone of brown with the treed lot and that does make sense to me!

And also, we will be putting up a PERGOLA in the front of the house.  It will be to the right of the front door......and go across past the corner of the house approx. 3-4 ft.  It will be painted white.
This pic gives you an idea of what we are wanting.......

So this is just the start............the flag pole will be removed and placed elsewhere.  The white fence will come down once the pergola is put in (that probably won't happen until next spring).  We are thinking about  "boosting" up the area above the door....maybe making it more prominent.  Can you vision the white pergola?  I plan on making that a quaint area to sit with a beautiful flowering vine and gardens around it curving to the right side of the house.  I could go on and on...........
Anyway, I hope to get more "before" pics soon...........and plan on reporting at least twice a month on our progress once we can get started.
In the meantime, I will post a few other pics of my kitchen and bath ideas too!  Be Blessed~~~Roxie


  1. Hi Roxie, you are going to have so much fun. I think that you should start a journal . . . "The Making Of Our Dream Cottage". It would be a wonderful book of memories of this perfect project, that will be built on care and love. Your cottage is a little gem, but when you are done it is going to be a precious jewel.
    God bless,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. This looks like a perfect house project. Just the right size. I have to say I also like the gray!

  3. Hi Roxie,
    You do not need our help you know exactly what you want. Go with your love and it will be perfect. This cottage is so cute now so whatever you do to it will just make it sweeter. My theory is go with what you love and envision and it will be perfect. I love the pergola idea that is going to be so great.

  4. I sure am going to enjoy going along with you on this adventure! Anxious to see the inside. The gray and white will look great.

  5. Well, I would be no help...I like both the brown and grey stains as both are my favorite colors. And that Pergola will be a wonderful addition, oh you can always add a little fountain in front for that trickling sound effect. I have a fountain in the back of the house and on the front porch....I love the sound of running, trickling water in a fountain. So relaxing. Will be fun to see the additions to your little cottage. Lots of work and decisions ahead of you. But don't forget to ask God what he thinks first....He is a master builder. He makes a pretty nice card too!!! :)

  6. Your little cottage home is going to be wonderful, no matter if it's grey or brown! I like the idea of grey and white - that's what we chose for our home but we had to do paint. It's not quite the same but we like it. That's the key - follow your heart and you can't go wrong. I love your thoughts about the pergola. You've inspired me to want one! I can't wait to follow your journey from start to finish.

  7. The gray is pretty but anything you choose will be perfect! Love your sweet cottage!

  8. Roxie...I love both colors. I say go with what your heart is telling you and it will be perfect. The pergola will be beautiful there.

  9. what an adorable place. I can't wait to see the progress! Love the brown with grey roof.

  10. Dear Roxie - I know you will fix this place up to be so beautiful and so you. I like the brown best too - like you gray does seem like it should be near water...but both are lovely. Can't wait to see more. Have a blessed day.

  11. Hi Roxy,
    I had a comment written and then I punched the wrong button...
    Anyway... I love your little cottage! In my humble opinion, I think it would look darling done in grey and white. Because you are on a wooded lot, I think a darker color would make your cottage disappear. The contrast of the grey and white color scheme on your wooded lot, would make your darling cottage stand out, and not get washed away--- visually. Toss a coin, and before the coin lands, you will know what you are hoping for... either heads or tails, grey and white, or dark :) Looking forward to seeing the process, and getting to share in your new adventure.

  12. Love the weathered gray look, and the white trim and Pergola will be perfect! Your cottage has so much charming architecture.

  13. You have great ideas. I know you have a lot of work but this will be darling!

  14. Hi Roxie-I know which ever you and Hubs choose it will look cute as can be! I love the pergola idea too. Have you thought about extending that cute triangle roof above the front door to make a little shady porch, just a small place for folks waiting at the door to get out of the rain or into the shade. It looks like you may need a step put in at the front door too...the perfect place for some cute pots or holiday decor!! Oh what fun you are going to have! Be safe as you work too!!! Bonnie

  15. Hi Roxie! I vote for the brown. It looks so rich and comfy...kind of like driving up to a 'hug'. It might blend in with your trees, but the gray wouldn't stand out much more. So that's my input!

    I love the idea for the pergola. Will you plant climbing flowers around it? So Victorian in my mind...maybe you don't like that look, but I think it would be pretty.
    Looking forward to what you'll do here. It's like having your own dollhouse. You get to fix it up any way you want!

    Thank you for visiting me when I was away :) I appreciate your faithful friendship.

  16. I love love love it! I'm so smitten with that brown... and know whatever you come up with it's gonna be completely wonderful coz it's gonna have YOU in it.
    So excited for you!

  17. Gosh! Your little house is so cute, and I think any of the colors will look fine. I like the yellow it is now! The pergola will be a great addition. First time visiting....I'll be back!

  18. I think you both will be happy with the brown, which you both seem to love and it is gorgeous! I know you'll make it amazing.

  19. Hi Roxy, I'm not very good at picturing what something will look like. To me the pink roses make the house! I'm looking forward to seeing the renovation. How exciting! Joyce

  20. I like all the shake examples, and I really like the almost green or dark turquoise shutters on one of them. I like the pergola idea too!

    I love the profile and the roofline of the house as it is; it is so classic, charming, and sweet.

    From the photo, and I could be wrong from the photo, it looks like the home needs a step or a new porch with a couple of chairs; it looks like there needs to be cement removal.

  21. I am looking forward to seeing all that you do with this sweet home!! I love the style!! Have fun! xo Heather

  22. I LOVE both your choices!!! I agree though, the grey does look more coastal or lakeside. I am so glad I found your blog...look forward to following you on this journey!