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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


SPRING is taking its good ole' time getting here in southern Ohio, but I am getting the "bug" to start doing some gardening work and prep here at the new homestead.  One of the things, I have been working on is VINTAGE POTTING SINKS.
Now this VINTAGE SINK sits on an ANTIQUE SINGER sewing  base.  This is mine (this pic is from other house) and it now sits on the front porch of the new place. (still can't download NEW pics!...SORRY)

I found this VINTAGE SINK a few years ago at Kellys Island for $3.00.  (before cleaned up),  My hubby built a "rough" base for it, but I haven't done anything else with it except paint the base white.  It is now sitting at the side of the GARDEN SHED (at new home).

I know these are "rough" pics but here is another VINTAGE cast-iron sink I found in a basement of an estate sale.  This is marked "HOOSIER"!  Very Unique.  Hubby put this one on an old table base for now.  So I have been looking on "pinterest" for ideas to turn these VINTAGE SINKS into something special for the GARDEN.......Here are a few pics from "pinterest".   Now some of these are very detailed, which I love but, mine would be more "simple".  Tell me what you think!

                     LOVE the APRON idea!  Very SWEET and SIMPLE!

                    LOVE the table base on this...........this sink is like mine

More detail.......but this is outstanding!  I actually had a sink just like this and sold it to a lady


Same sink but with awning and chalkboard.................

This VINTAGE CORNER SINK is special!!  You don't see many of them and I think this was creative!!

Well, I would love to give you pics of the sinks when I'm finished.  Hubby and I are doing a lot of yard work right now but the weather is all over the place!
I still don't understand why my computer will not download new pics from my camera, but I am going to have someone look at this problem.  Anyway, have a WONDERFUL and BLESSED week!     Roxie

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Everyone needs a little PINK ...........

Everyone needs a little PINK in their life................This darling place grabs my heart!  Lets my dream world, I would live here!

                                   I would wear this beautiful dress around the cottage............

And when I needed to get away, this is my VINTAGE CAMPER and my PINK motorcycle!

And these are WORDS to LIVE BY...................................Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY and a WONDERFUL week!   From one sweetie to another.....BLESSINGS~~~Roxie

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


                                             Pictures courtesy of Fleurish creative

Since my computer REFUSES to download any pictures I have of the "OVER THE MOON" VINTAGE DESIGNERS MARKET SHOW, I am bringing you Colleen from  fleur creative studio. 
Colleen visited the show with her friend MaryKay from WINSOME COTTAGE.  Both of these ladies have been FEATURED in ROMANTIC HOMES Magazine and other magazine articles for their artistic creations in jewelry, furniture and vintage creations.
Colleen posted/blogged about the show, so I am forwarding her to you!!  If you haven't heard of her or her blog, you will LOVE her BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS in JEWELRY.  Please check her out and become a follower!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH COLLEEN for all the SWEET, WONDERFUL comments you made about "OVER THE MOON" VINTAGE MARKET SHOW!  This was a lovely surprise to the committee/vendors of the show.      Roxie

Monday, April 8, 2013

LIFE IS GOOD......really GOOD

My intentions today were to bring you pictures of the "OVER THE MOON" Vintage Designers Market Show and the BEAUTIFUL Necklace I WON last week from Cynthia at Cynthia Lee Designs Blog.
     Being so EXCITED, I sat down to the computer to DOWNLOAD my new current pics and guess what??....My PICS won't download!!  Nothing will download!!  This happened last year too, but then started working again.
So I am bringing you a picture (that had been downloaded weeks ago) of a gift I received from Vickie(2 Chicks and a Truck).   An old double metal frame made with burlap and lace.  It had magnetic paint and a magnet piece earring for a little BLING!  This was made by one of the vendors at the show, (sorry I don't have her name).
    There is a little story behind this gift.......when I was diagnosed with the "C" thing, 4 yrs. ago,  some months later I sent Vickie a Christmas card.  At the end of the card, I signed my families name and said "LIFE IS GOOD!".  Vickie remembered these words on the card and seen this from the vendor and bought it for me.   I have such beautiful and wonderful friends......I am so thankful......Have a wonderful and BLESSED week~~~~~LIFE IS GOOD.....really good.......Roxie

p.s. As soon as my pics will download, I will be posting the beautiful necklace from Cynthia I won and the show!

Monday, April 1, 2013

LOOK what I FOUND..........

Another VINTAGE 2-Seat METAL GLIDER!  Lots of CHIPPY WHITE PAINT......adorned with the RUSTY look!  Two-seat gliders are hard to find.  The body is VERY SOLID and so are the aluminum side arms.  Don't cha LOVE that little design under the arms?
    The problem with this glider will not glide.   The very bottom of the glider mechanism was totally gone!  That's o.k. because it will look as SWEET being non-moveable.
   This SWEET VINTAGE 2-Seat METAL CHAIR will be making its way to the "OVER THE MOON" VINTAGE MARKET SHOW~~~

Made this little WORD POT STICK out of VINTAGE Scrabble letters.  They are RED and have no numbers!  These would make cute little gifts~~~

I'm getting ready for the "OVER THE MOON" VINTAGE SHOW this week!  Looks as if the weather may be GOOD!  I would LOVE to see my fellow bloggers there if you live close by!   Hopefully, I will be able to show lots of  pics of the show to those who can't be there~~~Well I'm off and running~~~~Have a wonderful and BLESSED week my friends!    Roxie