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Thursday, October 23, 2014


It's that time again!!   Just a quick reminder......The OVER THE MOON Vintage Market will be here soon!

Friday - November 21.....4 pm to 9 pm       An evening show
Saturday - November 22.....9 am to 4pm

Agner Hall, Rte 50., Lawrenceburg Fairgrounds, Lawrenceburg, IN  (across from Hollywood Casino)


Delicious Homemade Food available by the Ladies of St. Johns Church

Over 35 vendors offering a mix of one-of-a-kind items.......Farmhouse, Cottage, French, Rustic Romantic, Shabby Chic, Primitive and Industrial for your home and garden
Up-cycled and Re-cycled items
Beautiful Artisan Jewelry and Clothing

Here are a  few pics from last years November show.............

Though I know many of my blogger friends can't be there, I hope you enjoy seeing some of the fabulous vintage items that were offered by talented vendors~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


With all the horrific things going on in the world today, I have had such a sentimental cry for our nation.  I have been deeply burdened for it.......
This is a picture of our flag.  It is on a telephone pole by our mailbox, near the street.  The wind is blowing so pretty today with the beautiful color of leaves falling all around.   The bright yellow/gold maple leaves are such an outstanding back drop for the flag.

I love my country.....I love my flag......I will display her proudly........

                                    ~~~GOD BLESS AMERICA~~~

Saturday, October 4, 2014


It's a beautiful Autumn day here in SW Ohio~~~the leaves are changing color and falling right before our eyes!  There is a crisp feel in the air~~~
Do you notice a change in the front of the cottage?  The concrete slab piece in front of the diamond grid picture window is gone forever~~~and a small slab piece to the far right is no longer there.  Yeah!
The concrete that is left will be changed/or removed next Spring....Hubby and I are still working on a plan for that change.
We haven't decided if we are going too put any landscape out in front this Fall or wait till Spring....I believe we will wait.
Ken has started around the corner to the left replacing damaged cedar shakes before Winter sets in.  I can't wait to see that improvement.  Still a lot to do...some painting of trim and copper gutters but what an improvement!


                                     ~~~Work in progress~~~last Fall 2013~~~new roof.  Look at the 1929 board slabs on the roof...neat!

                                              ~~~You can see the changes~~~

Unfortunately, we lost the massive spruce on the right early in the year.  That was hard.

                              ~~~It's getting better everyday~~~

Have a wonderful blessed week~~~Roxie

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I found this Awesome, BIG, Galvanized piece the other day at an antique mall.........I believe it's a piece from some type of feeder.  It has a great style......ruffled edges and the perfect rusty areas.  Only $10!!

Here is a better close-up~~~this can be displayed in so many great ways!  I would love to pile it full of real white pumpkins and gourds~~~maybe some vine/berries or nuts?  I do enjoy bringing nature inside for my decor~~~
Have you found a great or unique piece lately?
Have a wonderful and blessed week~~~Roxie

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Sunday, September 28, 2014


The leaves are starting to fall, crisp air in the morning and has been a beautiful week in Ohio.
I set my antique gate by the light pole and put a few pansies in a vintage  "chick"  feeder.....

Work is continuing on the outside of the cottage before Old Man Winter sets in.  Ken hopes to get the cedar shake finished on this side......
I haven't shown the window box on the upstairs tiny window....the flowers and potato vine have grown so pretty!
Are you enjoying decorating for Fall?  I pray we have a long, gorgeous Autumn~~~WELCOME!~~~

Blessings for a beautiful week~~~Roxie

Monday, September 8, 2014


It's been one week since moving into the cottage.  A "work in progress" continues but it feels great!
Both Vintage chandys are now up in what I call the middle room.  Whoo-Hoo!!  Ken has been working hard to get a few, small projects complete.
I usually start decorating for Autumn mid-late September but I did arrange a few white sweater pumpkins on the dining table.
I'm not a brass fan (after living with it for years) but I do love the look of  Antique Brass.  I feel it blends so well with creamy white walls and wood.  I do enjoy a French touch.......

                     The newest vintage chandy~~~

There are many "things" yet to be hung or put in its proper place.  A little more trim has to be painted too.....but this is the progress so far.  It is what it is and I'm not afraid to show it.........

I can honestly say after almost a year of renovating this cottage, it feels like home.  After all the hard work, long hours, we have been blessed to call this little place " Our Cottage Home"~~~Roxie

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


       I thought I would show a fabulous find for $22~~~An Antique Wicker Chase, all original.  I will need to make a cushion.........

                             I think I'm going to put it here...........mmmm.....

There has been so much going on.  Boxes everywhere!!  Just tryin' to place some things but I know those things will be moved over and over.
My postings will be limited until I become more settled....but I will be enjoying yours!  Blessings~~~Roxie

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I've been bringing a few items in for the dining area of the cottage.  The "original" plan to put the dining table in another room, was changed.  This is plan B....I like it better!

This is a basic, simple look ..... I have a few wall areas I need to's good for now!

I'm still not sure about the lace curtains.....I do love them but I may change it up later on.  There is sooo much going on right now, I am using what I have.  I am going to try soft, long panels to frame the windows...that may look better.
I want to add a little industrial, rustic look in places too!  Once we get officially moved...then the decorating fun begins!

Have a blessed and wonderful week~~~from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

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Friday, August 15, 2014


I've begun to add a few accessories to the kitchen.  Hubby has been busy in other rooms, there are a few lingering things to finish in the kitchen....mainly the hardware.
I did purchase a genuine antique toaster turned into a light.  I have it hanging at the opening...I love it!  Ken loves antique toasters, so I thought of him when I saw it.
We brought the English pine open hutch in (left of the pic) and it does make a statement!  It barely fit...we had less than 2 inches from it being too tall.  Whew!
(sorry this pic is crooked, I must get a better camera)

                                       Antique toaster made into a pendant light

                                    A sweet,  little French frame I made into a chalkboard

Everyone have a wonderful and Blessed weekend! The weather has been beautiful here in Southern Ohio!   ~~~Roxie

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Hi friends!  A lot has been going on with this cottage these last few weeks and more in the coming month.
I was "ran" out of the house.....(I guess I'm in their way).... the kitchen is being put together.  In the meantime..........Hubby and I found this cast iron sink over 5 yrs ago at a place called Kellys Island in northern Oh.  It was the islands treasure day.  A $3.00 bargain.
   Since I've had it, Ken built this simple base for it.  As you can see after 5 years in the weather, it needs some new paint and cleaning up. I had an old faucet but sold it???! Ugh, why did i do that?  So I am in the hunt for another one!
I purchased this vintage bark cloth a few weeks back.  It is actually a valance.  It replaces the other valance skirt that was on the potting sink.  I think the fabric is adorable.
   This area you are seeing is at the cottage.  It is under the deck.  This is a walk-out area with old stone walls.....perfect for my "Potting nook area".  I planted a few flowers and hung some hanging baskets.  I have huge plans for this quaint little area!
The SWEET vintage green watering can was found on the property back in the woods.  Hubby found it....He knows what I like!
My plan on the next posting is to show you how the tiny kitchen is coming along.  We are in a time crunch because we plan on moving in (whatever the situation is) last of August.  Whoo-Hoo! But of course, the work will continue~~~Blessings~~~Roxie