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Monday, July 29, 2013


It's almost here!  The 127 longest yard sale..........3 days left and counting!
This is only 1 of 3 truck loads of goodies I found last year.....................I pray this year is as good!
Here is a little RE-CAP of a few pictures of some finds from last years sale.  If you have never's worth the trip!
It's south to Gadson, Alabama to north Ohio

Look at this quilt I found for  $5.00!!   A gorgeous Chandelier for $10.00    Masses of chix feeders and Antique Frames..........

A darling small, petite step back chest......................

This vintage rusty bicycle was.......FREE!!!!     Look at that sweet vintage fold up cot!

Cute vintage rounded bed with rails............$15.00     Set of 6 metal chairs......3.00 ea!!

This vintage orange wheelbarrow was in excellent condition with company name stamped on it!!  This would be DARLING for Fall Decor!!

And I saw these cows along the way...........I thought they were I threw them in the picture!

So wish me well.......It's gonna take a lot to top last years FABULOUS FINDS!!!

LUKE 6:38- Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom..................
                                                           BELIEVING in this!

Blessings and a wonderful week~~~Roxie

Monday, July 22, 2013


Hello my friends!  I am bringing you pics of "Sweetie" AKA "Sweet Sue" on her first maiden voyage to the Burlington Mkt. Show in Burlington, Ky.
Unfortunately, this is the ONLY outside pic I got of her........I hadn't finished the inside or removed my bags, etc. before I was SLAMMED with visitors!!  But that's a GOOD thing!

                                      Here are a few pics from the inside.........
I plan on painting the floor in the weeks to come.........the weather needs to cool off some first!


I found this simple "chandy" at  Goodwill for 29cents!  Yes, I said 29cents! (It works too)  I spray painted it with some white paint and the rest is history.   Funny thing is, I found it two weeks before I bought my camper.....It was meant to be!

Isn't this word "flirt" cute!!  I purchased this at one of my favorite places "BUTTER STREET BARN".  I bought those sweet vintage hankies there also.....I hung them over the lace at the window.  I may tweek them more later but this was something FUN and EASY

I love my vintage flamingo metal's very unique, all original and made tall and narrow.  I am using it in my camper for a trash bin.  It's perfect!
Anyone remember their Mother or Grandmother wearing these knit hats with their hair pulled up in them??  I do......I would see women have these on at the grocery stores etc. usually when they had bobby pins in their hair or they were having a "bad" hair day!  As a young girl, I would think they were "funny" but I think they're so adorable now!!  I actually saw an older woman the other day in one!

I wish I took more pics before some of the items sold.  I had a white rotary desk phone (early 70's) was too cute!  Should have kept it...........

I have a funny story........on the way home from Burlington, traffic was very heavy.  Of course, me being a woman, I have to remind my hubby to take it easy on the road with this camper (he's a truck driver-if you're married to a truck driver you'll know what I'm talking about)
I'm thinking to myself, he seems to be goin' a little fast with this camper...(but I keep my mouth shut) Bumpin' here, bumpin' there......keepin' me an eye out....lookin' in the side mirror...........then OH MY!!...PULL OVER....I yell (SCREAM)
I wish I could have taken a pic...............the door to the camper came open (I believe we were going about 65) and there were my vintage scarves hanging out the door....flyin' in the wind, still attached to the vintage metal stand holding on for dear life. (this stand is about 5 ft tall)  My flamingo can was also in the doorway getting ready to make his jump!  But thank goodness, nothing was lost, or an accident didn't occur (Thank you, LORD)  And the best thing is....I still kept my mouth shut!
Blessings and a wonderful week~~~Roxie

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


                          This is a quick update on "SWEET SUE" (unofficial name)!

I'm taking Sue to a show this weekend.  I haven't had time to "decorate" her inside yet but.......I decided to play around and add a little color to her on the outside.  Nothing fancy.....simple.  Just a little color......

So I asked my friend Candie, What can I do  to give her some color or simple change at this time?  I don't want to spend a lot of $$$$?
See, Hubby is going to do some work on her this winter.....improve her appearance, etc.  She just needs a little boost, pick me upper for right now.

Her answer to me was  ??????........WHAT????   Do I Dare?
Well....So I did!!!        I added this stripe......PINK and WHITE POLKA DOTS!!  What do ya think?

I'm not quite finished yet..........I have some trimmin' to do!

You're not seeing things.......YES.....It's DUCT TAPE!  I said DUCT TAPE.  It cost me a grand total of $3.00.  And the good thing is I can change it anytime I want.... to another DUCT TAPE design!

I know this brings out the Red Neck-Hillbilly girl that I am but hey, Why not have fun with Sweet Sue now?  I don't have to worry about messin' up her paint job!  She's like my favorite past time with paper dolls........I can change her as often as I like.......except she's a tin can!

I'll be posting a few more pics soon........from one Sweetie to another~~~Roxie
***Just a note, even though this is Duct tape brand, it's packaged as Duck tape...funny!  I was not paid or compensated in anyway to advertise for this product****  Just sayin'......

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hubby and I decided to take a scenic road trip for a couple of days, so we headed into West Virginia.  Not knowing what we were going to see but we enjoyed ourselves.  Here are a few sights that we discovered......

Loved the color of this old barn.......has a folk art kind of look!

Grave Creek Burial Ground in  Moundsville, West Virginia

A different side of the burial ground

Can you believe this was a prison for women?  It looks like a castle.  Look how long it is!  It was closed in 1995.  It also is located in the city of Moundsville, across the street from the burial ground.  I can't describe how this made me feel......the architect was so beautiful and in overall good shape, but................?  It amazes me how things were built and designed back when......the buildings of today have little or no character, and they won't be here 200 yrs from now.  Even though this is a prison, architects and designers wanted beauty and character that would last.

Whimsical Ice Cream Parlor.

Famous on........

Entering West from downtown

Entering East to downtown Wheeling........

Look at the wood beams along the side of the bridge..........this is the sidewalk you see too, hundreds of people walk across the bridge everyday with the cars

This is a side view from downtown.  This is held by these original cables!!  I tried to walk across it.....I couldn't!!

This was awesome to see........

This is the famous 3 corner marker.  It is enclosed by glass along the highway.  Two sides of the glass is gone.

  There were many other things we covered in just two days, like visiting a little town called "Sistersville" and  "Friendly".
We did get to do some "pickin" and I found a few things I was happy with.  A lot of interesting stories and people to meet makes a trip so enjoyable!
I was within 8 hrs of my home and  while on this trip, I became overwhelmed and sentimental of the history of this country all around me.  I teared up seeing what our forefathers created before us and thought of where we are today with our nation.  I prayed and thanked GOD for everything he has done for the United States of America.  A nation that was built on christian beliefs and values......not perfect but forgiven.

Have a beautiful and blessed week, my friends~~~~~Roxie

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Welcome to my friend Candies home!  Candie and her hubby recently renovated a 1908 home in the historic district called Prospect Hill.
Many months of hard work went into restoring this home and I feel they deserve recognition for a job well done!  They have lived here only a little over a year, and what they have done in such a short time is amazing!  I can only imagine how this home will continue to be more beautiful as times goes on.
Enjoy the tour.............

On the front porch......I love her chandy with tea lights!  It's beautiful at night.  I have enjoyed that first hand. A beautiful stain glass window accents the porch too.

             A PRETTY VINTAGE wrought iron table and chairs adorn the porch

      This is a close-up of the lead glass front door.  Breathtaking beautiful!


                            Foyer.....look at the stain glass window on the landing

This is part of the kitchen.  Look at the old window (from the house) she stenciled with the year it was built

Another side of the kitchen.  I love the oak piece she uses as an island

They did a fabulous reno on the bathroom.  A little shot of the original claw tub.  A new vintage style sink with a vintage etched mirror over it is gorgeous!  She picked this cabinet (roadside FREE!), put some white paint and glass knobs on it, then added old lace in the panels.  PERRRFECT!
There is also a walk-in shower over to the right corner.

                Dining room......the antique piece (left side, back) was her grandmothers

This is the backyard.  I know it's hard to tell with the sun glare...but Candy had a wood umbrella frame and the top is old lace table cloths!  It is so PRETTY!  I love it........I may have to steal this idea for my vintage camper........

         She has beautiful pots of flowers all around........

A beautiful vignette in the corner of her yard......

Another view of the porch.
I hope you have enjoyed the Home and Garden Tour for my friend Candie.  She doesn't have a blog (yet) but hopes to one day!  She so enjoys visiting many of my friends in blog world!  Please let her know what you love the best at her home!  
Have a wonderful and blessed week~~~~~Roxie