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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Welcome to my friend Candies home!  Candie and her hubby recently renovated a 1908 home in the historic district called Prospect Hill.
Many months of hard work went into restoring this home and I feel they deserve recognition for a job well done!  They have lived here only a little over a year, and what they have done in such a short time is amazing!  I can only imagine how this home will continue to be more beautiful as times goes on.
Enjoy the tour.............

On the front porch......I love her chandy with tea lights!  It's beautiful at night.  I have enjoyed that first hand. A beautiful stain glass window accents the porch too.

             A PRETTY VINTAGE wrought iron table and chairs adorn the porch

      This is a close-up of the lead glass front door.  Breathtaking beautiful!


                            Foyer.....look at the stain glass window on the landing

This is part of the kitchen.  Look at the old window (from the house) she stenciled with the year it was built

Another side of the kitchen.  I love the oak piece she uses as an island

They did a fabulous reno on the bathroom.  A little shot of the original claw tub.  A new vintage style sink with a vintage etched mirror over it is gorgeous!  She picked this cabinet (roadside FREE!), put some white paint and glass knobs on it, then added old lace in the panels.  PERRRFECT!
There is also a walk-in shower over to the right corner.

                Dining room......the antique piece (left side, back) was her grandmothers

This is the backyard.  I know it's hard to tell with the sun glare...but Candy had a wood umbrella frame and the top is old lace table cloths!  It is so PRETTY!  I love it........I may have to steal this idea for my vintage camper........

         She has beautiful pots of flowers all around........

A beautiful vignette in the corner of her yard......

Another view of the porch.
I hope you have enjoyed the Home and Garden Tour for my friend Candie.  She doesn't have a blog (yet) but hopes to one day!  She so enjoys visiting many of my friends in blog world!  Please let her know what you love the best at her home!  
Have a wonderful and blessed week~~~~~Roxie


  1. Roxie,
    Your friend Candies home is beautiful. I love that entry way. The wood work is gorgeous. I could sit out on the porch all day sipping ice tea and watching the world go by. So sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Roxie, I love, love, love seeing into other people's homes and gardens. Especially "real people", not magazine homes, after a professional stager has done their magic. Your friend Candie's homes is lovely; that staircase is a work of art.
    In regard to the comment you left on my blog:
    I'm sure we would be great friends, after all we both have a lot in common as far has creative fun and even better than that, we both love the Lord. Those make for good friendships :)
    Enjoy your marvelous summer day, Connie :)

  3. Oh Roxie, Candie and her hubby have done such a splendid job on their home and in such a short period of time. It is all so pretty, it is hard to choose my favorite...but..I must say, that the bathroom is the one that stands out to me. I like how they have updated it while keeping with the feel of the old bathrooms of that era. Especially love the mirror over the sink.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely home with us. xo

  4. Afternoon Roxie, what a wonderful old home your friend has, so beautifully decorated........I also think her oak island piece is amazing.....thanks for sharing and to her for letting you, Blessings Francine.

  5. very much enjoyed the tour. your friends home is gorgeous.

  6. Amazing what some can accomplish in such a short period of time, beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Candie's home is so beautiful. I love her porch!! Sure wish mine was a covered porch, but it is not which makes it hard to decorate...everything just blows away. Love her kitchen too! I see that she used the same faux tin panels that I did in my kitchen.
    Thanks for sharing her home with us.

  8. Just beautiful! I maay need to borrow the umbrella idea, so sweet!

  9. What a wonderful house. I love it all xo Laura

  10. Candie's home is just gorgeous-inside and out. She definitely needs a blog of her own! xo Diana

  11. Hi Roxie(:)
    Oh love the black n white pok a dot dress cute
    and the garden tour is pretty the porch and kitchen especially *(:)

  12. Such a beautiful and sweet home!! Love all the special touches throughout! Thanks for sharing! xo Heather

  13. Lovely house Candie, I like the front inviting and all the antiques in your house. If I had to choose between ultra moderen and is a no brainer....Antique is so warm and inviting....good job (clapping hands)!!!

  14. What a treat! You can tell a lot of love went into all the beautiful details of Candie's home!

  15. I enjoyed my visit here! Lovely blog!

  16. Thank you Roxie for this garden tour! So pretty! My favorite things are the kitchen island and the jadite painted stool... oh and that bunny statue outside? LOVE him!!!!!!!!

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  18. Oh Roxie,
    You go to such lovely places!
    Someday I hope to travel.


    So thankful to be in the service of my King and my family

    Harvest Lane Cottage