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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hubby and I decided to take a scenic road trip for a couple of days, so we headed into West Virginia.  Not knowing what we were going to see but we enjoyed ourselves.  Here are a few sights that we discovered......

Loved the color of this old barn.......has a folk art kind of look!

Grave Creek Burial Ground in  Moundsville, West Virginia

A different side of the burial ground

Can you believe this was a prison for women?  It looks like a castle.  Look how long it is!  It was closed in 1995.  It also is located in the city of Moundsville, across the street from the burial ground.  I can't describe how this made me feel......the architect was so beautiful and in overall good shape, but................?  It amazes me how things were built and designed back when......the buildings of today have little or no character, and they won't be here 200 yrs from now.  Even though this is a prison, architects and designers wanted beauty and character that would last.

Whimsical Ice Cream Parlor.

Famous on........

Entering West from downtown

Entering East to downtown Wheeling........

Look at the wood beams along the side of the bridge..........this is the sidewalk you see too, hundreds of people walk across the bridge everyday with the cars

This is a side view from downtown.  This is held by these original cables!!  I tried to walk across it.....I couldn't!!

This was awesome to see........

This is the famous 3 corner marker.  It is enclosed by glass along the highway.  Two sides of the glass is gone.

  There were many other things we covered in just two days, like visiting a little town called "Sistersville" and  "Friendly".
We did get to do some "pickin" and I found a few things I was happy with.  A lot of interesting stories and people to meet makes a trip so enjoyable!
I was within 8 hrs of my home and  while on this trip, I became overwhelmed and sentimental of the history of this country all around me.  I teared up seeing what our forefathers created before us and thought of where we are today with our nation.  I prayed and thanked GOD for everything he has done for the United States of America.  A nation that was built on christian beliefs and values......not perfect but forgiven.

Have a beautiful and blessed week, my friends~~~~~Roxie


  1. the prison is amazing! so sad to see it just sitting there unused. great road trip, roxie--thanks for sharing the pics:)

  2. I just love little road trips, and looks what all you found. My dream is when we retire is to just hop in the car, drive and stop where ever and whenever we want to. I have been to Europe dozens of times but nothing beats the good ole USA!

  3. Roxie...sounds like you had a great time on your road trip. I live just outside of the little village of Enon that I grew up in and we have an Indian burial mound there. My hubby and I are thinking about taking a road trip in the Fall.

  4. Roxie - this was a lovely road trip. The aqua color of that barn was special to see. Some of the places you visited are places I have been too. Actually Wheeling is not far from our home and been there many times when we travel south. Your pictures are so well done. I know what you mean about being overwhelmed at how this country started and how good God has been to us...God Blessed America - I just pray that our nation sees this truth and comes back to why we were so abundantly given everything. Thank you so much Roxie for sharing your trip. I enjoyed myself. God Bless You!

  5. What a beautiful, scenic road trip you had!! Gorgeous pics (yes, even the prison! :)

  6. What a wonderful trip! I would love to visit this area!

  7. Roxie, I really enjoyed your photos from your trip! That former women's prison is just amazing!! And what a beautiful bridge!


  8. So many beautiful sights on your road trip! :) I love the ice cream parlor.

  9. Oh what a delightful trip! Looks like you had a lovely time :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. I am your newest happy follower :) Have a beautiful day.