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Monday, June 17, 2013

SADIEVILLE and Over the Moon Pics!

Last week, Hubby and I went on a little road trip.  It was the highway 25 yard sale.  This was our first time for this sale.
Before we came to Georgetown, Ky. we came upon a sign on 25 that said to Sadieville.  Now this road was off the beat n path a little but we decided to be curious and take it.
Apparently, it's a very historic place for rail and is still used every day next to this very small town.

Now there isn't much there, but it sure has a quaintness about it.  This was a saddle-western shop on the corner as you came thru the rail underpass.

This building sits next to the saddle shop.  I believe it's a library.  This was an old train depot.  It sits across the street from the trains.

                                                    Saddle shop from another angle

This is looking up the street of their main downtown.  There is a post office, church, barber shop and some kind of business at the very end.  All that to your left, is the railroad tracks.

This old building was very  neat.  You really can't tell from the picture.  It has been turned into nice apts.  Look how close it sat next to the road.  They have the orange cones to make drivers aware.  It looked as if it were a tavern or hotel in its day.  (sorry about the glare and dark pic)
Hubby and I enjoyed ourselves on this quick road trip.  We were only gone about 8 hrs.  I did score a few fabulous finds so I was happy.  I wished I would have taken more pics because there were some neat historical looking towns and buildings along the way.....  But we were running behind on time! are a few pics of  the "OVER THE MOON" VINTAGE MARKET SHOW back in April.  The show was wonderful!

                                                          Allisons Attic

                                                           Mikes GARDEN booth

                        Sorry, I'm not sure the name of the booth...........


                Lots of soft grays and whites at Sues booth....................

Hope you enjoyed the Pics..........this was a small sample of what the show offered!  Well, I'm going to download more pictures while I can!  Have a wonderful week.....Blessings~~~Roxie


  1. Morning Roxie, oh wow!!!! What a wonderful trip, looks like such a wonderful place and those booths, want to shop there, Francine.

  2. Oh I surely did enjoy the pics what a wonderful little town and those shops would have me roaming for hours. B

  3. Looks like a great show, Roxanne. I love visiting little towns like that. I always enjoy seeing the history. I was lucky enough to work in a town like that back on Long Island. Our office was actually in a historic building and seeing the picture of it from the 1800's was amazing.

  4. wow, Sadieville looks like a pleasant small village. I love places with a genuine historic atmosphere! Thanks for sharing pictures. Imagine all "new" exciting places still to be discovered ;)!

    Have a great new week!
    Lots of greetings from Sweden,

  5. This looks like a great trip. LOVE everything you have pictured in the shops!

  6. You have a very nice blog. I visited you via Attic Clutter. Do stop by and visit, bring some coffee, we'll go on a garden walk.

  7. What a fun road trip! The town looks so quaint!

  8. Isn't it fun to go on road trips!!
    The show looked wonderful!!

  9. Looks like yall had a nice time together! I love sleepy ole towns!!! Especially with railroads!
    I'd have gotten in a fair amount of trouble if I'd have went shoppin at your sale. DID you sell your sink?!!!!!

  10. That show was wonderful. First time out after my surgery and it was just what the doc ordered to cheer me up. Oh Ihave to visit Sadieville and snap a pic of my own sweet Sadie next to that sign. Looks like a lovely trip.