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Saturday, June 29, 2013


I thought I would show a few pictures of  the outside of the house.   I bought this antique wire planter at a yard sale last summer for $40.00.  My petunias and fern like it!  It's a keeper!

We've been here less than 4 months.  The inside of the house is in great shape and the yard is fine.  The backyard needs a lot of "tweeking"!  The landscape is basic. I added some ferns, but not many flowers this year........too many other things to do.  I have been painting the arbor and name a few.
I brought my church feeder (far right of pic in the corner) from my other home.  It had a beautiful climbing rose bush on it.  I re-planted the rose bush on the side of the house that had a huge blank spot and it lived! I will be working on the area around my feeder soon.

This is the right side of the porch.  That door goes into the kitchen.  I really enjoy that......making your coffee tea, or lemonade then sittin' a spell.  Hubby has his 50's glider he restored  with the matching chair right where he wants it!  We were hanging the wicker porch swing (from the other house) but the 50's glider got the spot here.  Hubby worked so hard to restore it.  We love it!
If you notice, straight ahead, my climbing rose bush.  It is climbing on an OLD TRELLIS I purchased years ago.  The trellis is around 9 ft. tall.  This was a perfect spot.
Now those orange tiger lillies?? were there but I will be moving those to the back yard soon.  I think those look better away from out in beds, or fence lines etc.

This blue spruce tree may get moved or cut down :(     It's too close to the front of the house.  It's a shame it wasn't planted more out into the side yard.  What's your opinion on the spruce?

This pic was taken in the backyard.  As you can see from the ground, this needs  much work!  I had this vintage wheel barrow with original green paint.  It is very rough, but looked cute sitting on this massive tree stump.  Lucy wanted to get in the picture.  I didn't have to ask her.....she came up and posed!  This little girl is 17 yrs. old!
I will show more pics as I continue to improve the yard.  I know this will take some time but I am a true gardener at heart.  Have a wonderful weekend.......Blessings my friends~~~Roxie


  1. What a wonderful post. Your new home is so beautiful! I think your fern and petunias look awesome in that planter!!! I am really happy to see your husbands glider out there, too. It is a show piece :) It breaks my heart to see a big healthy spruce cut down so I do hope you can spade it out if you decide to remove it. I think it is cure how cats are always such show offs! your kitty really made the picture!!

  2. Your house looks so welcoming! What a great idea to use your wheelbarrow as a planter, it looks fabulous! I am a huge fan of ferns and when we had our character home the garden had a huge patch of ferns. Have a great weekend.

  3. I agree with Susie, such a shame to see that spruce tree cut down. I can see it decorated with pretty light a Christmas time. Your home is beautiful and so charming. The planter is lovely blooming with color.
    Many blessings to you and enjoy your weekend and your lovely home.

  4. Roxie,
    Your petunas are so vibrant and full of color! I love seeing pictures of houses and front porches. Your house looks very nice, and is so green and groomed. I am wondering if it's an older house or newer; I can't tell because it looks so kept up. Thanks for giving us a peek of your house. I enjoying browsing through the pictures.


  5. Your new home is beautiful, somehow I missed that you were moving? I like the idea of having the door to the kitchen on the porch too. For no longer than you have been there the place looks great!

  6. Roxie,
    Your home is so beautiful. I love that porch and the door from the kitchen right out to the porch. Your petunia's and ferns look great in the wire plant holder. It is all adorable.

  7. Roxie- I love your home. It is just a perfect "country" home...sweet and charming and the porch off the kitchen just makes the house for me. I don't mind the spruce there at all. I think it is rather pretty. Maybe you could expand a bed around it and tie it back into the house with kind of a swooping bed? It is hard to tell how far away it really is-but, as I said- I would have a hard time cutting it down and that size tree does not do well being moved (don't ask me how I know this). I can't wait to see even more pictures- xo Diana ps. My favorite Aunt had a glider just like that- xo Diana

  8. It's all beautiful! Your porch is amazing with that planter! You have a nice decorating touch! Happy weekend!

  9. Roxie, your new home is so beautiful!! Love your porch!
    The flowers in your wheel barrel are so pretty and your kitty is adorable!

  10. beautiful home, roxie! had to pin lucy and your wheelbarrow:)--so cute!

  11. Roxie - this home is just made for you...I think it is beautiful. Your front porch is to die for. I can see lots of time sittin and havin lemonade and watchin the flowers you plant grow. You will make this house into a beautiful home I am sure. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  12. Hi Roxie, your home and yard are beautiful. It must be wonderful to have so much elbow room. We are in a pretty tight neighborhood, but it's home and we're very comfortable here. I love your planter. You have an incredible green thumb.
    I totally agree with the comment you left on my 4th of July post. . . we all love our parades and picnics, but we need to have a true appreciation for why we are celebrating and for the men and women that put their lives on the line, so that we can have this freedom, that we love.
    Happy 4th of July.
    Connie :)

  13. Roxie you have such a Beautiful Home ...exactly what I would pick White with a big front porch !

    I suppose the Blue spruce will grow taller with age .. I don't think it looks bad at all just a little lonely by itself

    Lucy is just adorable and such a beauty for 17 yrs of age ..she looks so charming next to the wheelbarrow.

    I so enjoyed your garden tour !

    Happy 4th of July

  14. Everything is looking just amazing! That wire cart is absolute perfection there, and the ferns are gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful 4th of July.

  15. What a beautiful home. It sounds like you are having a great time getting it the way you want it. The porch is wonderful. I love the idea of having the kitchen door right there on the side. Your hubby did a fantastic job on the glider - my grandparents had one of those and they were the best. Love the fern/petunia combo - just lovely in your wire planter.

  16. It seems that you have many plans for your front yard. Have you already started? Anyhow, I feel bad for the blue spruce tree. It looks beautiful. I hope that there's a chance that you can just transfer it to a much better spot in your yard.

    Bethel C. Woodard @ Sollecito Landscaping Nursery LLC