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Thursday, June 6, 2013

PEACEFUL get-a-way Rooms

 I thought I would show a few PEACEFUL garden areas.  It's those places you could see yourself, quietly having a cup of coffee, reading the good book, enjoying the sounds and visions of nature around you.  The fruits of your labor~~~
I ADORE these ROSES!  Quite the LOVELY~~~

                           Yep, I could relax in here.  I love the soft colors of green and pink


                              Take a nice relaxing hot soak in here would be FABULOUS!

Well, I'm off working in my yard.  Trying to turn a "very plain" yard into something a little more enjoyable to look's gonna take some time!
I am awaiting news about the paperwork for the vintage camper.  It could take up to 2-4 weeks!  If it is meant to be, everything will fall into place....NO FRET!    Blessings~~~Roxie


  1. That is why a cherish my little garden cottage in my back yard.

  2. Oh I love those sweet little garden places too Roxie, a little piece of Heaven, Blessings Francine.

  3. I love these beautiful garden settings. So relaxing just looking at the pictures. I am so excited for you to get your trailer. Ohhhh it is so sweet. I will keep my fingers crossed you hear sooner than later on great news that it is yours!!!! Oh the fun you are going to have fixing her up.

  4. Roxie- I would take any one of these gardens/buildings. They are all wonderful. Did you get your trailer????? xo Diana

    1. Diana, I have an agreement to purchase the trailer as long as everything goes well with the title. Should know something soon!! Roxie

  5. Hi Roxie ... Oh I could go for a relaxing spot like these ..any one of them will do for me ..LOL ! Oh and congrats on the camper ..yep if it's meant to be it will be !

    Happy Spring ...Sara

  6. These places are all drool-worthy! I'm sure your yard will be fantastic! :)

  7. We were definitely on the same wave length. Keeping good thought for the camper. xo Laura

  8. Roxie,
    Wouldn't it be nice to have a getaway like one of these? I love the colors green and pink too. I also love aqua and pink. That's great that you're trying to spruce up your yard a bit. I hope it's everything you want.


  9. Roxie, the camper is so sweet! I would love to have one too but at the moment we have nowhere to store one. sigh!! I know yours will turn out wonderful! Have fun!