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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


                                             Pictures courtesy of Fleurish creative

Since my computer REFUSES to download any pictures I have of the "OVER THE MOON" VINTAGE DESIGNERS MARKET SHOW, I am bringing you Colleen from  fleur creative studio. 
Colleen visited the show with her friend MaryKay from WINSOME COTTAGE.  Both of these ladies have been FEATURED in ROMANTIC HOMES Magazine and other magazine articles for their artistic creations in jewelry, furniture and vintage creations.
Colleen posted/blogged about the show, so I am forwarding her to you!!  If you haven't heard of her or her blog, you will LOVE her BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS in JEWELRY.  Please check her out and become a follower!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH COLLEEN for all the SWEET, WONDERFUL comments you made about "OVER THE MOON" VINTAGE MARKET SHOW!  This was a lovely surprise to the committee/vendors of the show.      Roxie


  1. Thanks Roxie for sharing Colleen's blog with us. I am jumping over to check it out now. Hope you are doing well and having a great week.

  2. How frustrating that you can't download pictures. Poor girl- xo Diana

  3. Roxie- Happy to share... Your show and booths were a delight! Thank you for sharing MY blog with all of your followers! I am traveling on the West coast right now but will be sharing your site etc. when I get home. Blessings, Colleen

  4. Roxie, I will go check her out-hope your computer is 'well' soon!

  5. Thanks Roxie for sharing.... my angelmother's name is Colleen... I'll be sure to go check he out. I already love her name! Lea

  6. Dear Roxie - thank you for giving us this blog-site. I am stopping over. Have a great week-end.

  7. Hey Miss Roxie! Thanks for the website...looks like we will have fun checking it out :) Hope the computer issues clear up soon for ya :) Happy weekend to ya!

  8. Hello Roxie, it is a delightful addition to my morning to see your lovely face and read your sweet comment. Things are getting busy around here . . . what with the Gypsy Rose re-do, Spring cleaning and gardening, and today I'm going over to help Steve. He's moving his office, down the hill from where it is now. Just a little move, but it requires everything a big moves requires other than the distances traveled. He's a typical man when it comes to where to put this and that and how it will work best, so I'm off to lend a hand. Construction sights are messy and I will probably have to wear a hard hat when I'm not inside . . . I love hats, but a hard hat will be a new one for this gal, LOL. Have a week filled with joyful moments and thank you so much for stopping by to say, "Hi". Keep smiling, your blogging Sister, Connie :)