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Saturday, September 21, 2013


                                                       ~~~~~~ PROMISE~~~~~

Isn't this sweet?  What a creative way to make a lovely word!  This was at the booth of ROMANTIQUE and purchased by my cousin Vickie at the Springfield Extravaganza this weekend in Ohio.

You don't hear this word often..........."PROMISE"  
Such a pretty word with meaning...........

Have you ever PROMISED?        I PROMISE to...........?     Can you fill in the blank?

Have you ever heard the old saying "Never make a PROMISE you can't keep?"
One thing I know for sure........God always keeps his PROMISES!



  1. Roxie,
    This is so sweet. I love it. Not only the meaning but how it is made of lovely repurposed things. So creative and beautiful.

  2. Roxie...I love it!! I'm going to the Flea Market Extravaganza tomorrow. I wanted to go today, but I went to check out a couple of shows that I was interested in maybe doing next year. They both turned out to be shows that I wouldn't want to do. I did the Flea Market here in Springfield many years ago and am really giving it some thought to go back to doing it.

  3. Hi Roxie, this is my first time to visit, and came from Kris' blog. Loved reading about you, and hearing about your amazing testimony of God's healing!

  4. Hi Roxie! I love this little board, what a creative way to remind me of all God's promises. Especially the ones that say I can be with him here, and in heaven. Yay!

    I certainly promised my husband I'd stick around for the rest of my life. That's worked out, even though it's not the easiest thing sometimes. But, God says he'll stick with me when I'm a brat, so I guess I can hang with the hubbie too!

    Happy Sunday!

  5. I made a promise 36 years ago to my husband when we exchanged vows and I kept it. I made a promise 6 years ago when he discovered he had frontal lobe dementia which complicated his already bad medical conditions, and he begged me to not leave him. I kept my promises when he could no longer work and had to resort to SSDI. I kept my promises even when things got very difficult as he changed due to the dementia and friends and family were saying to leave him. I kept my promises and stayed to the last day, November 10 2012. I believe in promises and they never should be made lightly or forgotten after taken.

  6. Cute! Yes, God is the only One Who always keeps His promises!

  7. Amen, Roxie-God is the one that NEVER breaks His promises-xo Diana

  8. That is so neat and creative!! Thanks for sharing! Blessings to you! xo Heather

  9. Dear Roxie - love that word Promise...So true about God's promises. When we humans fail to keep ours He still remains faithful. Take care and make you receive some of His Promises today. Hugs

  10. Such a wonderful truth that God never lets us down on his Word!
    Mary Alice

  11. Love the word and love how they wrote it with so many cute old objects.

  12. I just PINNED the Promise!
    God DOES keep His Promises!