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Friday, September 6, 2013


I want you to meet this sweet yellow cottage.  It is almost 85 yrs old and located on a small quiet street.  The nice one acre lot is filled with old pines, sycamore trees, an oak tree, even a walnut tree.  There are a couple of majestic maples as well.

Sweet yellow Cottage has seen better days but has great bones and lots of character!  Some of it's bones need some rubbing and work......It needs a good clean bath.......and loving arms wrapped around it to make it feel loved!

Lord willing, in these next months to come, Hubby and I will be moving into this sweet cottage!  We have committed to buying this house and hope to start work on it in the weeks to come.
We are anxiously ready to start renovating for we want to do as much as possible before moving in early next Spring.
Though I love a yellow cottage, we will be changing the color and replacing cedar shakes that are damaged.  I like the fact, all the living is on one floor!  There is a cute upstairs dormer room for guests.  I'm so EXCITED.....but lots of work ahead!  Lord, help us!
I will be keeping you informed as we go along these next months...........from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie        BLESSINGS!

Also........thank you everyone for your prayers these last days for my Mother and family friends!  My Mother is slowly getting better (no surgery at this time!!!) and Jimmy (5 blockages) is doing fabulous!!  Please continue to pray for the family who lost their 15 month old baby girl...........You are all such a BLESSING to me!   Thank you Lord for answered prayers!     God is good!


  1. I am so excited to follow along and see what you do with this sweet little cottage! It's so charming! I am so envious but excited for you!

  2. It is absolutely precious right now.....I can't imagine after some TLC from you and your hubby what a gem it will be. Can't wait to follow your progress!

  3. That is darling - so much potential!

  4. oh, so charming, roxie! it looks like a dollhouse! so glad your mom and jimmy are doing well:) but, so sorry about the baby girl...

  5. Cute little house. Looks like you have a nice deck and backyard. Will be looking forward to seeing how your renovate that little house. PTL for answered prayer for your mother and friend. My niece had a miscarrige, she was 7 weeks along and now there is an infection. They were supposed to come for a visit this weekend.

  6. It is a darling cottage, Roxie! Much luck to you and hubby in your purchase and move. I'm sure you will have fun making it your own.

  7. Oh- I LOVE that sweet yellow cottage,Roxie. What a sweet place to fix up and live in. Glad your Mom and family is doing better, too- xo Diana

  8. What a adorable little cottage! Congrats. So glad your Mom is doing better. So many people in my nightly prayers.

  9. Oh, I love fixer uppers and this will be the cutest ever! Lucky you! Have fun and will look for updates along the way?

  10. How EXCITING!! I can see those great bones. I look forward to following your renovation progress. What wonderful news about your mother and your friend!

  11. Yes, thank you Lord for answered prayer! I will continue to pray for your mother and Jimmy and of course the family whose little girl went to be with the Lord.

    Your cottage is so sweet. It will be so much fun to get it all fixed up the way you want it..I am excited to hear all of the updates as they come along. xo

  12. Oh, the cottage is darling and I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to take a peep inside and I'll hope to come along as you renovate it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. What a charming cottage!! Can't wait to follow along as you fix her up to be your dream cottage.

  14. Oh Roxie....first off, sending prayers & good wishes. And as for that cottage......a d o r a b l e!

  15. What a sweet, little cottage! Can't wait to see her transformation.

  16. O gracious this is just the cutest thing ever. Cannot wait to see all the plans you have. God bless

  17. The house is just adorable! I know you are going to have a wonderful time fixing her up.
    Keep us posted! God continue to hold your family in his care.

  18. Prayers continue for all your requests. I love the cottage, so cute.

  19. What an terrific little cottage. It can be so worth fixing up old houses.
    I hope you enjoy yours. May God grant all your petitions, in Jesus' Name.

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  20. A beautiful and so sweet home!! It looks just perfect for you!! Blessings and so happy to hear of the good news! Will be continuing to pray! xo Heather

  21. Congratulations! It's so adorable!!!

    We downsized to a small cottage a little over a year ago and it has been so rewarding to repair and care for something old.

    Prayers for you.

  22. Roxie - glad to hear your Mom is doing better. Will continue to pray for her and the family who lost their little one and your friend as well. I know that you will turn this lovely cottage into a gorgeous so excited for you. Take care and remember you are never alone.

  23. HI Roxie! Thanks be to God for answered prayer. And I won't stop!

    That house looks so pretty, and how nice it's all on one floor. So nice on aching joints climbing stairs. What color will you paint it? I love the deck beside and behind the house. I can just see you out there enjoying the weather.

    Thank you for the prayer update!

    1. We are contemplating many decisions like paint color and roof color now. We will be replacing cedar shakes etc. A lot of work....we figure 6-9 months renovating but that's taking our time!! I will be showing before pics in the near future!

  24. Roxie,
    What a charming cottage. I do hope your dream of moving in by next spring will come true. I wanted to thank you for your prayers. I sent you an e-mail also, but not sure if you got it or not. So glad to hear that your mother and friend are doing well, and I will also say a prayer for your other family friend.

    Have a blessed week.


  25. Blessings for those aching hearts... keep the faith and not ask why? Be grateful for the time we have together ...
    I love your sweet yellow cottage. You are going to have so much fun fixing it all up! Focus on the task at hand and the rest will fall gently were it lay....

  26. So much potential in this darling cottage! Anxious to follow your renovation progress.
    Mary Alice

  27. Hi Roxie, this is going to be a wonderful project for you. This house looks so much like the one my brother and sister-in-law purchased when they first married. I remember going with them to look at it, I was 5 years old. That home was in the family until last year when my brother sold it, to move to Florida. It held so many memories, of wonderful family times, but he lost his wife about 8 years ago and the cold Indiana winters were getting to be too much for him. I can hardly wait to see your before and after photos. With your special touches, this is going to be the perfect cottage. I'm so happy for you that I'm dancing :)
    I know that your mind is swimming with redecorating ideas . . . it's going to be a special time.
    Have fun,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  28. Roxie, so glad to hear that your mother is doing better! Your cottage is absolutely charming!!! Can't wait to see your vision for it unfold! :)

  29. Roxie, the cottage is simply precious! I hope and pray that all works out and you get to call it your home. It will be so fun to see you work your magic on it! Happy that your mother is doing better too!

  30. so cute! who would not love living there!?!? good news that your mom is feeling better!

  31. I found you over @ Junk Chic Cottage - love your blog - I am new follower!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  32. What a fun project for you and your husband. I love small homes with character and that yellow house looks like it is full of character.

    I am visiting via Junk Chic Cottage.