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Thursday, March 27, 2014


I want you to meet my new, old door.  I have been looking for an old door with character to be installed on the larger of the two bathrooms.
About a month ago, I came across an old door at an Antique Mall and LOVED it!  It was the natural wood with a great patina, all hardware including hinges, and glass in the door about this size with a stencil/painted bird motif (perfect for a cabin w/nature) but still some femininity.  I passed on it..........thought more about it and went back to get it and guess what?  Yep, it was gone!   REGRET.
So .............yesterday I came across this door at a local Antique Mall.  I love it!  The color is not of my choice (though it is old paint) and I haven't decided to paint it  or sand it down.  I'd prefer to use some natural wood tones with white walls and lean to sanding to a wood patina.
I have a choice where to use this door......into the larger bathroom or on a walk-in closet hubby is building.  The french wordage would be perfect for a closet door but the door wouldn't be seen as much.  I plan on putting white lace behind the glass for privacy.  That really makes the door/french words pop!

                    Offering~~~~~~~~A Nail Spa
                                                  Boot maker

        I'm in Business!  We are in the thick of things with plumbing, drywall and some electrical work.  Those phases are "I can't see much being done" and "oh, this is where the money is going!
                                 Have a wonderful and Blessed week~~~Roxie


  1. Hi Roxie, this door is a treasure and I'm sure that wherever you put it, it will be perfect. Sounds like your little cottage is coming along. I'm looking forward to more photos. Have a lovely day; I know that you are busy . . . what with the Craft Fair and the work on the cottage.
    Well, I'm off to the realtor to get one more extension. As least the (one and only) lady at the courthouse (that has been on vacation for two weeks) is back and things are starting to roll again :) They're telling us no more than one more week and we will have the keys . . . I hope so :)
    Keeping my chin up,
    Connie :)

  2. That is a fantastic old door. Because of what it says I would probably use it on my closet door...and because I have HAD a glass door with obscured glass going into a bathroom that no one liked to use. Even covered it doesn't feel "private". I just love it and no matter what you do with it -you have a winner. xo Diana

  3. Roxie,
    What an interesting door. I've never seen one like it. I think it would look nice on the walk-in closet that your husband is building. You are always finding such different and pretty items for your house, Roxie.

    Be sure to show us when it's finished.


  4. That looks great, Roxie! Did you put the sign lettering on the glass or were you lucky enough to find it like that? Either way, I love it!

  5. Hello Roxie, love that look, wonderful lettering, Hugs Francine.

  6. it looks awesome, roxie! i love the french lettering:) it will look great anywhere!

  7. I have a door obsession - one in my kitchen - one in my entry way - one upstairs leaning on a wall - and 2 ready to be painting for the garden lol - AND I would take yours in a heart beat - how gorgeous !!!
    Great find!