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Monday, April 30, 2012


Took a little road trip over the weekend in the Nashville, TN area. Here are a few pictures from the trip......Recognize this? Remember the PIG that Frank wore?

Visited ANTIQUE ARCHAEOLOGY-American Pickers Place in Nashville. It's located at the HISTORIC MARATHON MOTORS BLDG. Neat place to see!

Artwork across the street on the front door. All VINTAGE TOOLS!

Visited family-They have been restoring a 200+ year old LOG CABIN. Almost finished. There is also a picture of their BARN. So simple and peaceful....

Beautiful massive door........My hubby

Little old bldg in GLENDALE, KY.......LOVE IT!


  1. Hey, I live right down the road from Glendale! Ya could have stopped in and paid me a visit. :) Glendale is like stepping back in time!

  2. Oh my! Loved looking through your photos! Your families old log cabin is just wonderful, how lucky to have such a wonderful piece of history. The barn has a beautiful unique shape to it. We don't see them like that here in Michigan. Thank you for sharing. Take care, Valerie

  3. What a fun road trip!! I'd love to tour the old log home,and barn!! That little bldg. in Kentucky...pure gold!!

  4. Looks like a fun trip! Were you able to tour/shop Antique Archeology!? How cool!
    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. I would've loved seeing that cute little building too!

    1. Yes, Debra...we went into Antique Archaeology...very creative interesting shop of things Frank and Mike have picked....The head of Porky Pig was taken in the store. Frank had it on his head on the T.V. show...FUNNY! Roxie

  5. Looks fun! i remember that pig:)lol The log cabin looks nice and very peaceful! Thanks for sharing, love it:)
    Xo Tami

  6. Oh, my goodness, it looks like fun! I love those old barns. What awesome doors!

  7. Hey Roxie, have just found your blog through Debra & Tami - love it! How cute is the barn and that last little house?

    Your 51st follower,

    Vanessa x

    Pop over & follow me too sometime :-)

  8. I'm loving surfing through your blog entries! I saw this one and got excited! I live about 20 minutes north of Glendale, Kentucky! I grew up going to Glendale with my mother. She was the one who introduced me to antiques/vintage!
    Glad to see something so familiar to me on someone elses blog!