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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Yes, I am actually ROLLING IN THE PINK! VINTAGE PINK BABY BASSINET on WHEELS! I have been finding so much SWEET PINK FABULOUS FINDS lately!!

This is PINK PRECIOUS! Larger than a normal size bassinet with these LARGE metal wheels, original PINK paint with the bonnet frame. (no bonnet)

I found this today at a local thrift store. Only $19.99! I have to clean it up but I think it's gonna look great with some Ferns in my family room! From one sweetie to another~~~~Roxie


  1. Yes, this is an incredible find! 19.99 . . . WOW! The wheels are the best.

  2. That would be perfect to hold ferns...adorable!

  3. Wow, now that is a great find! Don't you just love them. I took myself on a short road trip last Friday, and.....along the way there were 2 church sales. I love church sales, great things at very low prices. I got an 80 yr old fishing creel, for a few bucks. I know that it is going to sell for more than that.... thank you for your wonderful, supportive comments on my blog. Sharon

  4. Roxie, it is sooo cute!! Love the color and it will look adorable with ferns!! xo Heather

  5. Another fantastic find...good for you! I can just picture how pretty that will look with a lush fern in it. xo

  6. Very sweet! I loooove that pink and grey door! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet words! Traci

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  8. It will be beautiful with ferns!! Come decorate my house.