Trust in the LORD with all your HEART. Lean not unto your own understanding, but acknowledge him in all thy ways and he will direct your path.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I went outside early this MORNING after 2 days of REFRESHING RAIN and everything in my yard seemed so HAPPY and PERKY. But the one thing that stood out was my MORNING GLORIES!
Morning Glories on my Fence

Morning Glories in my Beans

Morning Glories in my Blackberries

Morning Glories in my Tomatoes

Morning Glories around my Tools

I see MORNING GLORIES EVERYWHERE and I LOVE THEM! They remind me of the HEART of SUMMER, when everything is in full bloom, the LAZY days on the PORCH, just before we REAP the HARVEST of our labor....THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HATH MADE; WE WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT! THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR BLESSINGS!

From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie


  1. How I love Morning Glories:) been too cold and rainy here, mine are only bout 6 inches! Maybe I'll have blooms in September!
    Bless your days,

  2. What a wonderful day, wonderful flowers and that porch looks like wonderful peace and quiet :).


  3. Dear Sweet Roxie, I agree to stand with you in prayer and fully agree with your plea. Your morning glories are lovely . . . they're just another of God's simple pleasures. Thanks for popping in and for your sweet comment. Have a great day, God bless you, Connie :)

  4. So beautiful, and I love your porch!! ;) xo Heather

  5. Beautiful flowers. Glad you got some much needed rain!

  6. Hello Roxie, came across your wonderful vintage blog and enjoyed very much. Beautiful gardens and that old door on the other post,OMG!!!! LOVE IT. Blessings Francine.

  7. So beautiful ! And your ferns look awesome on your porch! Love your house :)
    XO Tami

  8. Hi!
    What a beautiful post!
    It reminded me of the morning glory vines that my husband's grandpa would plant, and let the vines climb up the porch posts. Good memories.

    Have a great day!

    Smiles :)

  9. I want to sit on your porch,Summer has shown up, we got lucky this summer compared to last year. All those morning glories remind me so much,of my childhood,,,lemonade on a porch...hmmm Check out my latest's not pink but it does have cottage charm...

  10. Your garden looks so beautiful, I remember a friend years ago telling me if your garden grows things where you didn't put them it's because they feel welcome there. -The Rose Cottage

  11. Some gardeners won't plant morning glories because they spread so bad, like a weed. But I am like you, I love them!! They add such a warm touch in unexpected places!! I am going to follow you too! Hugs Penny

  12. Love the morning glories. We picked blackberries when growing up - I have such fond memories of blackberry pies and cobblers. Thanks for follower here. :)

  13. They were sayin' "Welcome to a glorious mornin'!" for sure Roxie!! Love them too...the colors are fantastic!!

  14. Hi there Roxie, Sweetie is right (at least when we are talking about you). You're one of those blogging sisters that I'm talking about on my journal page. You always have a positive, encouraging word. Thank you! You make this world a better place with very kind word and every smile on your lovely face. Have a wonderful day, Connie :)

  15. I'm longing for fresh, sweet rain. Oklahoma was 105 yesterday and I can't take it.

    I watered late in the evening and even then the haze of humidity wafted over me. Can't help but dream about the cool evenings of late Fall. Can't wait.

    Love the Morning Glories!


  16. Thanks for the follow!!! i wish i would have checked my blog sooner and saw that awesome market event going on today! i spent my day today going from thrift store to thrift store and that would have been perfect!! love your stuff! :)

  17. You have such a beautiful garden. Thanks for stopping by with your lovely comment!
    New Follower.


  18. This is seriously my dream porch!! Love!