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Monday, June 4, 2012


This is what 7:30 a.m. looks like at my HOME on a PRETTY, PEACEFUL MORNING. You know, we all have our FAVORITE spot that speaks to us...the BIRDS are singing, the sky is BLUE, we are in our OWN LITTLE WORLD (even for a moment). It's our TIME to meditate, pray and talk to our HEAVENLY FATHER, or maybe just "BE STILL" and HEAR what our FATHER is saying to us.....

This area of my HOME and PORCH are still a "work in progress". Looking for the right cushions for my wicker swing and rockers- my new VINTAGE GLIDER is awaiting its make~over. But even then, it's my SANCTUARY on a BEAUTIFUL day! Where is your PEACEFUL SANCTUARY?

The fragrance of LAVENDER.....Can you smell it?

From one SWEETIE to another....Have a BLESSED week!.......Roxie


  1. My place of relaxation is on my back porch. It is screened in so no problem with bees, flies or the neighbor's cats. I used to always be cleaning cat hair off my outdoor chair cushions. The screening took care of that problem. Did you ever paint your front door? What color? If not I have a suggestion. I mentioned to a neighbor, who is a walking buddy that I was painting the house a few years ago. When I took her the colors, she didn't say a word. Then after it was painted she told me that she thought it was going to be horrible, but after seeing our finished house she thinks it is the prettiest color on the block. My front door is plum. The house looks the color of yours (in the photos). It is a taupe and the windows are white with a thin boarder of plum with hunter green shutters. I have gotten a huge amount of compliments on my plum colored door. Take it with a gain of salt . . . it may sound horrible to you too, but really they look very nice together. Have a great week,
    Connie :)

    1. Your back porch sounds AWESOME...just like my hubby would want! Our cats want to get into our seats...that can be a problem, even tho their not too bad about it. And YES I did paint My FRONT DOOR ( a few posts back called AROUND THE HOUSE)Its called DARK KETTLE BLACK (gray-black). I really like it but I have to say I never thought of PLUM (which I love)mmmmmm-maybe down the road?? Your HOUSE colors sound gorgeous! Thank you for your wonderful and thoughtful comments....look forward to them! from one sweetie to another....Roxie

  2. Described .....Can Imagine that PEACEFUL MORNING....I don't feel the dusty wind in the it is the breeze... yes the fragrance of Lavender...can feel that smell....

  3. Roxie,
    Hi! You have a nice collection of lavendar. The color picks you up. My spot I like to sit at is in the back looking over a field. We have some flowers and an area to sit near a big tree. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Mine is at my dressing table. It is quite a large dressing table with an oldish mirror which I think is french. There are lots of things on it including a craft project ! among the perfume bottles. I read and think there and have started keeping a bit of a journal x

  5. Hi Roxie ~~~ Your home is absolutely beautiful ~~~ and how beautiful to be able to enjoy the Heavenly Father's presence there in your midst.

    God Bless You,

  6. Hey, Roxie, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Had to come visit. Your home and garden looks absolutely inviting. I can't believe ya'll got that glider for $2! Why can't I find anything like that? Oh, but I love looking. My husband and I are both softies for antiques.

  7. I dare not show you what my place looks like at 7:30am. hahaha But I'm sure you remember what it can look like with 4 kiddos! Plus all our farm stuff going on!! Your place looks beautiful, and the swing is always a nice place to sit and snuggle with your man;)
    I'm now a follower. Thanks for stopping by mine!

  8. Good Morning!
    Morning is my most favorite time of the day.
    When it's quiet and peaceful and the world is just waking up.
    It's a wonderful time to ponder and pray and reflect on this wonderful life we have been blessed with.

    Thank you for finding my blog, and becoming a follower.
    I'm now following your blog also, and have really enjoyed my visit here today.
    I'm going to add your blog to my blog list... so everyone can enjoy reading your blog too :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    Smiles :)

  9. You have a lovely home! It's wonderful to sit quietly looking at the garden and reflect on things. Yours seems to have just that right spot to do this.

  10. How beautiful Roxie, I am writing from my front porch getting ready for City Flea tomorrow. I wil take a moment to thank God for all the blessings of life instead of running around like a crazy woman the rest of the day. Thank you for the reminder.
    Enjoy the beautiful day, Pam

  11. Hi Roxie, thank you for the delightful visit and the lovely compliment on our photo. We haven't had a photo together in a while. When you're the one taking all the pictures, you rarely get one of yourselves. Thank you too, for visiting Steve's blog. He get so excited every time he goes there and he has a comment or a new follower. He's like a little boy at Christmas. I love the way you sign off on your comments and reply's. I don't know about me being such a sweetie . . . but you certainly are! Connie :)

  12. Hi Roxie, i just love your home! It looks like a very great place, the lavender is so gorgeous! What a wonderful porch to relax and reflect on, i am on my way,lol!
    XO Tami

  13. Hi again Roxie, I didn't see an email on your blog but wanted to get the City Flea info to you. If you click on the link in my post all the dates etc. are on their site. I am doing July but not AUgust because of a weeding I am styling and September is Springfiled. I am also doing the FactoryFlea and the Christmas show if I can get in. It is really fun, a much more young urban crowd than the farm and fairground shows. Great just for people watching. Lot's of creativity. Hugs, Pam

  14. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. We love life and we love the Lord Jesus. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.


  15. Roxie your porch looks DIVINE - when can I come over?? :-)

    V x

  16. AMAZING POST:) Your blog is so you have twitter or fb???..I want to follow:)

    If you want some d├ęcor inspiration from Sweden, check out my blog:)
    Have an awesome week.

    LOVE Maria at