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Monday, May 19, 2014


Turning the corner, coming together!  Here is a peek-a-boo look at the first room almost complete!  It's the small (5 x 8) bathroom.....yeah!
The new cast iron claw tub is perfect for my "soakings" by candle-light!  The tub is only 54" long but feels great! The hand held shower head has to be put on the faucet ensemble yet.

This is the Martha Stewart vanity we purchased.  The vanity color is "sharkey gray" and I painted the bead board "picket fence".  These are Martha Stewart colors.
As you can see, the hardware isn't finished being put on the vanity and the electrical covers have to go on too.  The toilet or should I say "commode" is being installed tomorrow as well as the wall light.
The tile floor is a small octagon style and is white.  I love it's vintage look!

This bathroom is coming together nicely.  I will show another reveal when it's all together with decorating!  It's a very hard room to photograph because it's so small.
We were hoping to move in June but looks like it will be July or maybe later.  We have so much yet to do on the outside but aren't worried about that right now.

I wish I had more to show you...."finished".  There has been so much small unseen work that takes time.
The outside cedar shakes have been oil stained and did you notice the original wavy cedar wood over the large front window?  It has been stained brown.  We are currently working on the front door and new white trim will go up and be painted over the next month.  The concrete WILL BE REMOVED very soon~~YES!
Hopefully, in about 2-4 weeks, I can show another room(s) coming together.
We are having beautiful weather this week and I thank the Lord for that and I welcome it with open arms!

But for you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in his wings, And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture.    Malachi 4:2



  1. I love, love love that tub.

  2. It's a pretty little bathroom, Roxie! I love your new tub!

  3. I LOVE the tub! It's so neat! I love the color selections as well. xoxo I almost selected the same vanity, but it was a little too wide to fit between the tub and shower without moving pipes.

  4. It is lovely. I am a fan of Martha Stewart paint...we will be painting our front door and shutters in a Martha Stewart grey (cement grey or driftwood grey) soon. Your sweet little cottage is coming along and it is so exciting.

  5. Your cottage bathroom is adorable and I love the colors you chose! Cannot wait to see more! How fun and exciting for you!

  6. Morning Roxie, oh I love the bathroom, that tub is wonderful, Blessings Francine.

  7. Charming little bathroom. Just perfect for book reading, while taking a long soak!
    Love the vanity.. it's quite cute, and country, and very cottage-y!!

    The outside looks quite charming as well. The white trim really sets off the dark stain on the shakes. Cute little wavy boards above the window.
    It's those little details that make your cottage just as cute as can be.

    Enjoy this beautiful day :)


  8. Roxie, it's looking great! So charming!!! I'm wondering if a tub like yours could work in a small bath of mine...will you give details of your resources, please?
    Enjoying the journey with you...

  9. I'm in love with what you have done so far in your bath Roxie. That wall color is gorgeous! This will be the perfect cottage when you're through.
    I believe too, that the Lord wants us to slow down and enjoy this life He has given us and to have joy everyday. Thank you for your sweet comment, it made my day!

  10. Loving you before and after pictures and your bathroom looks great. You have done a lot of work and when it is time to know how to do that too!! A long soak sounds delish!!!!

  11. Hi Roxie, I love your bathroom. Doesn't it feel wonderful to get a room finished. We are just finishing up our bathroom, too. That makes the house livable, so we will be moving soon and finishing up other projects as time allows. Oh, your cottage is going to be so amazing :)

  12. Your bathroom is lovely - I especially LOVE that curved ceiling over the tub! I can't wait to see what's next!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  13. Dear Roxie - that bathroom is going to be just lovely. Your tub looks wonderful as well as your vanity. I am excited to see how you decorate. I just know it will be beautiful. I so love the outside of your is all coming together beautifully. God is so gracious to us...not only in the next life but in this one too. Hugs Debbie

  14. love, love your sweet tub and the curved ceiling over it, roxie! the outside looks very charming, too!

  15. Your cottage is looking so charming! Love the little tub and vanity. I know you're very anxious to move in and get settled. Won't be long now.
    Mary Alice

  16. What a adorable little cottage your creating, looks so very different from the first photo you showed us. I bet you can not wait to relax in that tub!

  17. Your bathroom is asolutely perfect. That bathtub is fantastic and I like how it's in a little alcove of its own. You're going to spend wonderful moments in that bathtub with a good book!

  18. I love the bathroom vanity and the color looks great. That bathtub is gorgeous... Looks like you guys have been so busy and I know you said more to come. Eagerly, waiting..

  19. What a lovely bathroom! I miss our claw foot tub that we had at our other home! Have a great week :)

  20. Don't know how I missed this darling post! That cottage is darling and it will be all you desire when you finish, I can tell. Love it! Can't wait to see more!

  21. I know we are not supposed to envy .. So I'll just say that I am in extreme Like with you sweet little cottage !!! .. Oh my Roxie how special it is. Now since I have been away from blogging so long are you moving in to it permanently or just a place to vacation ?

    I love the martha vanity ..and that bead board is my Fav ... I look forward to getting out of our rental so we can put all the special touches on a place of our own.

    Looking forward to seeing more picts !


  22. Your cottage is so cute! And great bathroom with that tub! I know it is a lot of work, but it will all be so worth it.

  23. HI Roxie

    The bathroom looks very cottage and cute and your cape house is darling and looking forward to seeing more.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  24. Oh Roxie - what a charming cottage bathroom - looks like you're way ahead of me !!!
    I'd give anything for that bathroom - love the tub!