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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I've been brainstorming these last few weeks on creating an island in my cottage that is somewhat unique and on the industrial side.  I'm sure you are wondering, what does this picture from Over the Moon Vintage Market have to do with that?
Well............if you look very close, there is a vintage green locker in the pic.  A three over three with the most fantastic green chippy paint.  It's approx.  36" wide and  30" deep.  Perfect for the space I am thinking about in the cottage.  But I have to tell you.....I am stepping out of my comfort zone here with this.  I do like it so...........I bought it!!!
Hubby loves the color and the idea.  He is going to put a wood top on it and industrial rollers on the bottom to raise it up.

Call me CRAZY, but I'm going for it!!  Hey, the worst thing is, if I don't like it......I'll do something else with it!
I also bought a CHANDY to go above it....(sorry, no pic).  It will be a while before we get to this point in the decorating area but my mind is going non-stop!
I'm going for a Romantic-Rustic look in the cottage.......I may love it or it could evolve into something else.
I thought you would enjoy some pics of  "things" people have created/used for an island that are VERY UNIQUE and different~~~~~Enjoy!

Some very different, unique or extreme examples here.  I am really thinking outside the box with this but I am willing to try it..............Have a wonderful and blessed week~~~~~Roxie


  1. I think it is going to look fantastic, Roxie! If I had that creativity and a hubby who knew his way around a table saw, I would love something handcrafted. I simply love the romantic/rustic look and that's the direction my home has been taking. I found my island at Williams Sonoma, it's reclaimed wood with a marble top. I keep pretty things on it for the "romantic" part! Ha!


  2. Morning Roxie, I think will look amazing, love all those big old chunky pieces. Blessings Francine.

  3. I think that sounds like a very creative and unique island, Roxie! I can't wait to see it.

  4. that is so awesome, roxie! love the color and size! it could fit into so many different rooms or garden deck if you don't chose the island idea:)

  5. Romantic rustic sounds lovely. I like your ideas here. I wouldn't have been able to pass up on the chippy green either!

  6. Roxie,
    I love the idea it is going to be awesome. Just think you will have some unique storage too. I know it is going to look super cute. I cannot wait to see it all done in the kitchen. You go girl that is a great idea and it will be so unique of a piece for you to have. Love it.

  7. Roxie- I love the idea and think it is going to be just great!!!! Can't wait to see it AND you are right -if you don't like it you can always change it- xo Diana

  8. Roxie,
    I have always liked kitchen islands. My old house used to have one. I am noticing that chair in the left corner at the vintage market.....soooo pretty. The green locker is very unique, and I am curious to see what it looks like in your cottage home. You have many ideas for your house, and it's going to look great when it's all completed. Half the fun is the decorating, don't you think?


  9. Hi Roxie, I can not wait to see your island. It is going to be very unique and that worn and chippy green paint is marvelous.
    I do love the coke cooler island idea, too. That one is pretty special. I am so looking forward to your cottage reveals :)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Connie :)

  10. oh my goodness Roxie...that is going to be AMAZING!! Can't wait to see it all done :) LOVE that color as well....we're getting goosebumps lol!!

  11. The idea of using lockers as an island is just pure genius! It will look fabulous!