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Monday, February 3, 2014


It's no secret that I have a LOVE for vine/flower covered pergolas, arbors or gazebos.  Outside structures with vintage wrought iron tables and chairs or potting areas swoon me!  Since we are supposedly getting more snow/ice in the next few days and Valentines Day is just around the corner.....I thought it would be nice to see images of  Spring/Summer.  Can't you picture yourself sitting here?

                                                       A sweet Romantic- Rustic look!!


                                                    I could stay here for hours!

                                                         Romantic Homes-pinterest
I'm always on the look-out for vintage wrought iron furniture.  If I had a barn or large building it would be full of it! (and vintage gliders)
If I hosted a luncheon, which setting do you prefer?

................and speaking of gliders, this is my all-time favorite!  My hubby took a damaged glider, repurposed it into a swing and painted it PINK for me.  He did this one day when I wasn't home.  What a beautiful surprise!  Though this happened a few years ago....I will always treasure and remember the look on his face....the love in his eyes with a big smile.  I couldn't have asked for anything better~~~Once we move and get settled into our cottage, this again will be hung under an arbor of flowers and vines~~~~~Happy Valentines Day~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

Also~~~~Bernideens Tea Time is hosting a Valentines Tea Party, Tues. Feb. 11!  Your all invited!  If you like please copy and post on your blog!    Thanks~~~Roxie


  1. Love your Romantic Garden Settings!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. What a sweetie. It's darling! I love those inspirations.

  3. OMGOSH, Roxie. I am just IN LOVE with everything here. I love gardens and these photos are just exceptional! I would love to be sitting in any one of those. Blessings- enjoy that dream garden. WE are growing icicles here! xo Diana

  4. Oh Roxie, I remember your pink swing. How nice of your husband to paint it and surprise you with it. I love charming patios too, and the last picture is so pretty to me with the view of the roses overhead. I think I could sit there for such a long time just enjoying the view.

    Have a great week.


  5. I will take every setting...but that last one is my favorite with the white pergola and roses everywhere. sigh. Love a garden setting.

  6. Oh I love all the settings, but I think the first one would be my favorite. I like that blue clamantis climbing up the gazebo, I can just hear the birds chirping, a water fountain, oh my the sounds of spring. What will you be serving be right over?????

  7. Oh I love them all, garden settings are so beautiful, Blessings Francine.

  8. These pictures all look so wonderful. So warm and inviting!

  9. Hi Roxie! What a sweetie your husband is! You must have been so touched by his efforts. You are a good pair.
    Those pergolas are just perfect for a spring or summer day. Come ON SPRING! I could stay for hours too. Maybe when the sun goes down, we could light candles and have them talk to the fireflies? I'm relaxing already...
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. It does my heart good to see those pictures of growing things, garden spots just for relaxing, and beautiful flowers.
    Just what I needed this cold and wintry day!!
    Thanks :)

    One day, hopefully soon... you'll be swinging on your darling swing, with your sweetie :)

  11. charming garden settings, roxie:) and your glider swing is so creative-love it!

  12. I also love vine covered arbors..etc. We have a pergola without the canvas top..(the wind took it off) and I have tried to grow grapes and kiwi 2 times on it. Fingers crossed with last years attempt.
    I would have to choose the first photo for your luncheon, so very inviting. xo

  13. Well...the snow is coming down here with a little sleet too. I know you are south of hoping you aren't getting the freezing rain. I love your swing and can't wait to see where you put it at your new home. Love the garden setting with the table that has the cabbage roses on the table pretty!!

  14. Roxie, these are all so stunning! They have me longing for spring even more! It's really hard to pick a favorite, but I think I like the last one a teeny bit more than the others.
    Love your swing-your hubby is a keeper :)

  15. Having a pergola or patio is really like having an extra room. Can't wait for Spring so that we can move outdoors. Have a lovely weekend!

  16. Oh Roxie,
    I love all the garden inspiration. I so need to see my garden again soon. I am so over this winter and need the fresh air and flowers! I love that third picture of the table setting under the pergola. Just gorgeous.