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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Finally, after several weeks of promising to show you pictures of the inside of the cottage, here are a few!  And PLEASE understand, when I say these pics are in the rough.....they are!
A few items are still lingering, but will be gone soon!
What you are seeing is a little alcove coming in from the front door.  The white door on the right is a closet and the louver doors hide steps to the upstairs bedroom.  The living room is in the background.

This is the full picture of the entry......very small but cozy.  The front entry door is on the left.....and you saw the other doors in the previous pic.  This is the original wood hasn't been swept or anything.

This is the knotty pine living room with the stone fireplace.  I am taking the picture from the back of the next room.  There is original hardwood floors under the carpet.

Here is a pic taken the next day with some of the stuff gone.........see my hubby in the window?  Working very hard!!

Off of the living room is the TINY kitchen......I believe it is a 9 x 10.  If you notice the "window opening" above the sink, that will be opened all the way up.  We cannot take this whole wall's a load bearing wall.  Much more expense!  But to the left is an adjoining room which I plan on using as an extension of the kitchen!  This is a total gut job you are looking at!   Of course, the red walls will be painted a fresh, clean soft white as well as the other rooms.  Other colors on the walls are aqua blue, dark gray, gold and brown.  Those colors will be hard to cover but I am looking forward to soft white walls!

Here is a closer look of the kitchen.......and yes, those bottles are going!!   The door to the right goes to the basement.  The original  door was removed in the past 8 yrs......too bad.

I wanted to show you some Martha Stewart cabinetry.  I am thinking about going with her line.  She has an old-fashioned cabinet with hardware I like.....this is what you see. (Of course, my lay-out isn't like this)  One thing I know for sure, I am going with white.  The kitchen doesn't have a window, even though it is open for other light to get through.  Hubby and I feel white will be the best.

Next, I am showing you 1 of the 2 full bathrooms.  This is the smallest.  It is actually off the master bedroom.  I can't show you the master bedroom yet, it is full of hubbys tools etc.  It is a small bedroom too.

We will be removing the sink, toilet and floor and doing some electrical work in here also.  Like taking that vent off the wall............I am looking at vanities/sinks now......I know we need storage space.

And these are the steps behind the louver door,,,,,,,,,,..I don't have pics of the upstairs attic bedroom but will soon!

Sorry, this picture is out of order.......I meant to show earlier.   You can see the opening to the kitchen from this angle.  This is an area that I am making part of the kitchen.........Also, to the left is a white door.  That door will become a much larger opening (about 3X) and you will see the family room.  That is the addition to the house which was added about 15 years ago.  The room is quite large...about a 20 x 20 with a full bathroom off it.  It is also cathedral ceilings.  Sorry, I can't show you just yet......too much "stuff" in there.
We are taking this ceiling and fan down too.  We don't like it and feel we can't improve on it the way it is.
I am also considering making the original living room a dining room.  I think it would be nice and cozy with that wood burning fireplace!

And do you notice anything different?  No Yellow on the front of the cottage!!  The cedar shake is finished on the front except there has to be some new white trim and the front door sanded and stained.  The storm/glass door will be removed.  That won't happen until Spring.
I know this post has been a little long but I hope you enjoyed your "ROUGH" tour of the cottage.  We have many months of work ahead and the weather is delaying us some.  But I have to say......the snow is pretty!
Blessings and a wonderful week,,,,,,,,,,stay warm to those in the Midwest and North East!~~~Roxie


  1. Thank you for showing us around! Your cottage will turn out great, I'm sure of it. It's fun to have some before pictures to compare with when you're done renovating :). And the Matha Stuart colors are beautiful. They will look great in your new kitchen. You have an exciting new year ahead of you getting your cottage in order. I look forward to follow your work.

    I wish you a blessed new year.

  2. Morning Roxie, looking good, I love your sweet little cottage, want to move in with you, :) I think the Martha cabinetry is just right, love the look.....Take Care, Hugs Francine.

  3. I really enjoyed the tour and I'm right with you in all your plans! It will be so sweet!
    Happy new year!

  4. What a wonderful adventure ~~ so looking forward to seeing what you will do. It will be sweet & charming!

  5. great tour - can't wait to see its transformation!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  6. I'm so excited to see your little cottage and know you'll make it so pretty. Can't wait to see it. Happy New Year to you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes you make in your little cottage, Roxie! It sounds like you've got some great ideas!

  8. Roxie,
    How fun to see the before pictures. It will be a lot of work but so worth it when you get that little cutie looking like a real home. It is just precious every room. I love the Martha cabinets they will be great. The front of the cottage looks beautiful. Good luck as this journey on the inside begins. I wish I lived closer I would so be there paint brush in hand!!!! I am excited to watch the progress.

  9. I think it is going to be just darling. Did you see on one of the blogs using yard sticks on the backs of the stairs..?? Just a thought.

  10. Love seeing the before tour and can't wait to see more as you work your magic on your sweet cottage home. Lots of work ahead of you, but it will be so worth the labor of love that you put into it.

  11. Oh- That is going to be just wonderful, Roxie. I love it- you will fill it with loving charm and it will be such a cozy, comfortable place to call home. So sweet and vintage looking! Can't wait to see more as your progress. xo Diana

  12. I really like before and after pictures and your little cottage is so neat. I can see why you were attracted to it even in its before stage

  13. Thanks Roxie, for giving us the tour...It is a darling house for sure with so many possibilities. You have some really good ideas already and I like what you are doing with the pass through in the looks like there might be some natural light coming from that other room which will be a bonus.
    The house sure looks nice on the outside too..what an improvement with the cedar shingles all done..I bet you are thrilled with the results.
    Looking forward to your next update.
    Much love to you. xo

  14. I loved the tour. It's going to be so cute. I love seeing transformations like this!

  15. Oh thanks Roxie.....honestly, I don't think a woman's work is ever done. I think my resolutions or goals for this year are on-going and then what happens is more things pop up during the year, so the goals set never get done. Someday though, I will get it all together....(smile) I think your little cottage is sweet, I even like it now as is, but I know it needs a lot of up dates. I do like the paneling in the frontroom and the fireplace....nice!!! Stay warm!!

  16. Sounds like a lot of work to do yet! Good luck. I am trying to get a few things done in my home. Then can put it up for sale as too big a home and too big a lot for me to care for. I am alone since husband died Nov 10 2012.

  17. Thanks for the tour, Roxie. I like the Martha Stewart cabinetry. Wonderful that you can open the kitchen up a bit. Those old houses were built quite a bit tighter than they are these days, but they have so much charm. It will be lovely when you add your touches to it! ~Joyce

  18. What a wonderful cottage, Roxie. can't wait to see all of the changes you make. xo Laura

  19. It's so sweet! I look forward to seeing what you do! It's going to be beautiful and filled with love.

    I love the MS line. I have a hint on the MS cabinets. If you have enough cabinets you will make out great on the price, because they will include some freebies when HD has the promotion. But if you don't have enough cabinets to get the discount, or the measurements are strange, one possibly could make out better with Thomasville, because they are so customizable. (Thomasville makes MS).

  20. I hope did check out my friends blog I suggested...when I saw the kitchen you want at first glance I thought it was her kitchen, because of the cabinets. The outside is looking beautiful!

  21. love the walk through, roxie! love the martha s cabinetry and can't wait to see all the new changes:) the outside is looking so cute!