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Saturday, June 29, 2013


I thought I would show a few pictures of  the outside of the house.   I bought this antique wire planter at a yard sale last summer for $40.00.  My petunias and fern like it!  It's a keeper!

We've been here less than 4 months.  The inside of the house is in great shape and the yard is fine.  The backyard needs a lot of "tweeking"!  The landscape is basic. I added some ferns, but not many flowers this year........too many other things to do.  I have been painting the arbor and name a few.
I brought my church feeder (far right of pic in the corner) from my other home.  It had a beautiful climbing rose bush on it.  I re-planted the rose bush on the side of the house that had a huge blank spot and it lived! I will be working on the area around my feeder soon.

This is the right side of the porch.  That door goes into the kitchen.  I really enjoy that......making your coffee tea, or lemonade then sittin' a spell.  Hubby has his 50's glider he restored  with the matching chair right where he wants it!  We were hanging the wicker porch swing (from the other house) but the 50's glider got the spot here.  Hubby worked so hard to restore it.  We love it!
If you notice, straight ahead, my climbing rose bush.  It is climbing on an OLD TRELLIS I purchased years ago.  The trellis is around 9 ft. tall.  This was a perfect spot.
Now those orange tiger lillies?? were there but I will be moving those to the back yard soon.  I think those look better away from out in beds, or fence lines etc.

This blue spruce tree may get moved or cut down :(     It's too close to the front of the house.  It's a shame it wasn't planted more out into the side yard.  What's your opinion on the spruce?

This pic was taken in the backyard.  As you can see from the ground, this needs  much work!  I had this vintage wheel barrow with original green paint.  It is very rough, but looked cute sitting on this massive tree stump.  Lucy wanted to get in the picture.  I didn't have to ask her.....she came up and posed!  This little girl is 17 yrs. old!
I will show more pics as I continue to improve the yard.  I know this will take some time but I am a true gardener at heart.  Have a wonderful weekend.......Blessings my friends~~~Roxie

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'M A WINNER! Bon Appetit~~~

Look what I won!  A "My Pizza" cookbook from Sherri at Little House in Paradise!
Sherri is a wonderful lady and I enjoy her blog!  She loves the Lord, thrift shops, gardening, her chickens, and aprons!  But of all these....she loves to cook!!
She has blogged some great recipes and I feel we are kindred spirits because we enjoy many of the same things.  (except she cooks a lot more than me!!).  We are both VICTORIOUS in battling the "c" thing.  We are HEALED of the LORD!

                                                             very interesting........

Look at this Pizza.........Bird's Nest Pie.   Mr. Rooster had to get into this picture!

                       I don't think my hubby will be doing this..................

Now he may like this pizza..........he LOVES darker crust (nice for sayin'  "burnt")  Loves ham and peas.....actually one can be very CREATIVE!                                                    

Thank you so much Sherri!  This was an awesome GIVE-A-WAY and you are a sweet gal!  Please visit Sherri and tell her I sent ya!   From one sweetie to another~~~~~Roxie

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I've been looking for a small antique church pew for a while.  I found one about a month ago at a local antique mall.
My intent was to place it in my foyer, but what I loved about this pew was the size (about 4 ft) and it had the original book/music holder on the back with the communion cup holder too.
When placing it in the foyer, you could not see the back of the pew, (and I wasn't happy about that) so I sat it at the dining room table.

As you can see, I do enjoy collecting a few religious items.......My friend Mike (from Over the Moon Show) was so sweet in giving me these..........little pins from Sunday school or vacation Bible school?  I think they are precious......

                                       My old church attendance board

         Have a wonderful and blessed week my friends and thank you so much to everyone for your prayers~~~~~Roxie

Monday, June 24, 2013

MISS will be missed

                                                           Miss Phoebe

My heart has been heavy these last few feeling a void in this house because you are no longer with us........
Given to us.....not were my sons first dog.  You loved to run like the wind, as so did Corey and those times a Mother would see her son and his dog running through the fields was an everlasting memory.
No, this dog never chased the cat....but wanted the cat to chase her.  Even the neighbors would say, I never seen a dog persuade a cat to play like that!  And they would smile.......
And the first time in 10 years, she finally got a new playmate....Harry.  It was a sight to see them running towards each other when they happened to be out at the same time.  Meeting in the middle of the field, they jumped and played like two youngsters in love......
But overall, you were such a loving dog........always by my side.......loved people and loved attention.  You were a close companion........being there when those months were very lonely......
Sixteen years old is a good life for a little poodle..........God blessed you there........never sick!
Corey and I will miss you gave so much to both of us........we will never forget you!

                                     Came to us in ....Dec. 1997
                                     Left us................June 20, 2013


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The little one has been sittin' pretty in my driveway for a week now.  This is frills, plain as can be, but a diamond in the rough!  She measures in body 9ft. 6 in. (called a 10 ftr).  She is only 6 ft  4 in.  deep.  A little rounded in the middle but has strong bones!

This is how we bought her.......mostly gutted inside with this black and white decor.  They were going for a little retro-modern look.

No, you are NOT seeing things!!   Pretty funny? Huh?  This is going, going, GONE!  Of course, a new window will look FABULOUS!

Another view from the front door.  Thank goodness, I can live without this........

Now here's the FUNNY part.............I went to the license bureau to get tags.  Went through line, was asked a few questions, then paid for the plates.  The gentleman then proceeded to hand me the plate in a covered plastic sleeve.  I smilingly took it and left the building.  I got in my pick-up truck, and then decided to look at my NEW LICENSE PLATE for my "Sweetie".  This is what I saw.......................

Can you believe it!!  No, these ARE NOT personalized plates.  I thought, is this a sign??  My campers name is SUE!  Lol!  
I know 4 Sues!!!   My sister n love is a Sue....these should be on her camper!!  Who ever heard of putting a persons name on a non-personalized plate??

So the plates were put on....then my 21 yr. old son came home and I  told him to go look at the new plates.  He chuckled and said to me........I guess Ken (hubby) will be known as "The Boy named Sue" when he pulls the camper!  

I think I may get these changed??   Anyway, I will be taking pics of improvements of the girl and showing them from time to time.  We are not doing major renovations........just fixing whats important and decorating a little!  Have a wonderful and blessed week~~~Roxie

Monday, June 17, 2013

SADIEVILLE and Over the Moon Pics!

Last week, Hubby and I went on a little road trip.  It was the highway 25 yard sale.  This was our first time for this sale.
Before we came to Georgetown, Ky. we came upon a sign on 25 that said to Sadieville.  Now this road was off the beat n path a little but we decided to be curious and take it.
Apparently, it's a very historic place for rail and is still used every day next to this very small town.

Now there isn't much there, but it sure has a quaintness about it.  This was a saddle-western shop on the corner as you came thru the rail underpass.

This building sits next to the saddle shop.  I believe it's a library.  This was an old train depot.  It sits across the street from the trains.

                                                    Saddle shop from another angle

This is looking up the street of their main downtown.  There is a post office, church, barber shop and some kind of business at the very end.  All that to your left, is the railroad tracks.

This old building was very  neat.  You really can't tell from the picture.  It has been turned into nice apts.  Look how close it sat next to the road.  They have the orange cones to make drivers aware.  It looked as if it were a tavern or hotel in its day.  (sorry about the glare and dark pic)
Hubby and I enjoyed ourselves on this quick road trip.  We were only gone about 8 hrs.  I did score a few fabulous finds so I was happy.  I wished I would have taken more pics because there were some neat historical looking towns and buildings along the way.....  But we were running behind on time! are a few pics of  the "OVER THE MOON" VINTAGE MARKET SHOW back in April.  The show was wonderful!

                                                          Allisons Attic

                                                           Mikes GARDEN booth

                        Sorry, I'm not sure the name of the booth...........


                Lots of soft grays and whites at Sues booth....................

Hope you enjoyed the Pics..........this was a small sample of what the show offered!  Well, I'm going to download more pictures while I can!  Have a wonderful week.....Blessings~~~Roxie

Tuesday, June 11, 2013





                                                                   She is officially mine!
As of today, this little "SWEETIE" is mine!  A rare FLEETWING "WREN"!!  A true canned-ham!
It falls between a 1968-1970.
Fleetwing travel trailers manufactured the "WREN" - a 10 ft. body.  The "CHICKADEE -is the next size,  and the largest of the 3  is the "THRUSH".  They named their travel trailers after birds!  Too Sweet!


I've been looking at different colors and patterns of vintage trailers.  I LOVE this!  This is one of my favorites!  I do think the SCALLOPED look is so unique and pretty......but hubby is wanting me to go a little less "girly"!!  WHAT??!!
So he is showing me pics that he likes..........So I'm sure there will be compromise.  Besides, he is the one doing most of the work......I want him to have some say..............Lord, help me...........



So over the next weeks, I will be doing my best to get pictures to show you some of the renovations and decorating.  My head is spinning with excitement trying to decide what colors (inside and out) style, and challenging myself to stay on a "strict" budget!!  I will be seeing what I already have and can use in this decor rehab!
I'm not sure how long this will take....(I'm a little slow) but I look forward keeping you informed!  Blessings and a wonderful week~~~Roxie
P.S.  I'm still considering names but I will be posting something funny that happened at the license bureau today very soon!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

PEACEFUL get-a-way Rooms

 I thought I would show a few PEACEFUL garden areas.  It's those places you could see yourself, quietly having a cup of coffee, reading the good book, enjoying the sounds and visions of nature around you.  The fruits of your labor~~~
I ADORE these ROSES!  Quite the LOVELY~~~

                           Yep, I could relax in here.  I love the soft colors of green and pink


                              Take a nice relaxing hot soak in here would be FABULOUS!

Well, I'm off working in my yard.  Trying to turn a "very plain" yard into something a little more enjoyable to look's gonna take some time!
I am awaiting news about the paperwork for the vintage camper.  It could take up to 2-4 weeks!  If it is meant to be, everything will fall into place....NO FRET!    Blessings~~~Roxie