Trust in the LORD with all your HEART. Lean not unto your own understanding, but acknowledge him in all thy ways and he will direct your path.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Today is the NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER.  I believe this year is more URGENT to pray for our nation than ever before.  I know, some will not agree, but our NATION is in trouble.  Great trouble.
     We can go back to the sixties and see how as a nation, as a people, things have steadily worsened in many different areas for us.  Not all areas, but many.
   GOD, HEAR my Prayer!  FORGIVE us for our sins! Have MERCY for this NATION....for those who LOVE you and BELIEVE in your WORD.
    We have taken PRAYER out of our schools, homes and communities.  We (as a nation) have murdered innocent babies for which we will stand judgement.  I pray for our President and the leaders of our country that decisions that are made will be guided by you and only you!  HEAR OUR CRY, have MERCY on us!  HEAR the voice of your servants.  We know, those that BELIEVE on you, YOU are with us.
     AMERICA needs you, Lord!  We are NOTHING without you!  You have BLESSED this NATION because we have BLESSED your people of ISRAEL.
    We THANK you Lord for EVERYTHING you have done for this NATION!  Every Blessing, everyday of PROTECTION.  We know you are the author of everything good, not evil!  We cry out to you like never before....I will no longer be silent......TIME IS SHORT!  Convict us, of our wrong and let us STAND and be BOLD for you!
For Lord, you promise in your WORD, you will BLESS those who walk in your ways.  You are GOD and the only GOD of this world.  You sent your only begotten Son, Jesus who died for our sins.
    We will not stop PRAYING for our NATION and our families.  THANK YOU, LORD for every prayer you have answered.  This NATION NEEDS you now like never before  and I will continue to THANK you and PRAISE your HOLY NAME!

BLESSINGS to you and your FAMILY~~~~~Roxie


  1. Praying along side of you.
    We all are the ones who need to pray away the devil.

  2. Amen!!! Thank you Roxie for this special prayer. This week this nation has seen several things that had my heart grieving and fearing that some of our leaders have most certainly stepped over the line. Our Nation needs prayer so desperately. Much love to you my friend. xo

  3. What a beautiful and boldly spoken word for the Lord! I join you in prayer for our nation,
    that God continues to bless and guide our lives.

  4. Thank you so much for praying for our family as the last few months has been trying. My Dad is now in Heaven and can see again and the Cancer is gone and his face is handsome again as it was to me all along. I have enjoyed reading your verses on your site and can't wait to just go back and see what all I've missed on here. Thank you for being my Blogger friend and keeping up with me while I've been gone. God Bless you and yours. Kathy