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Saturday, October 6, 2012


I'm not one to show much of the inside of my home, but there are those who ask me "what's your style in decorating?"
Right now, it's a DECORATING IN PROGRESS! I have went NEUTRAL (no more strong/loud colors for me!) Too Hard at this age for a major RE-DO and $$$! But that statement does not include myself~~~~This is my kitchen eating area~~~sorry for the pics being dark
This is my PETITE VINTAGE CHANDELIER above my kitchen sink~~~One of my ALL-TIME FABULOUS FINDS! It had OLD PINK RIBBON wrapped around the candlesticks~~~~So PRETTY~
This is also in my kitchen area. I bought this VINTAGE SELLERS KITCHEN CABINET over 25 yrs. ago. It was one of my first pieces~~~
This Antique Wicker lamp is in my Family room area. My brother gave this to me years ago~~~LOVE IT!! It's a KEEPER~~~
This is my INTIMATE area in my family room~~~the typewriter came from our family business years ago (I was very young) and also, the CHURCH ATTENDANCE BOARD is a KEEPER~~~The VINTAGE letters and saying....ETERNAL!
PRECIOUS VINTAGE BIRDCAGE and Matching stand in my family room~~~

My ANTIQUE MANTLE in my family room~~I purchased this when my home was being built~~~It was the best decision I made putting this in~~~LOVE IT!

OLD GLASS HOUSE NUMBERS in case~~~In my windowsill~~~found these at the longest yardsale~~Very UNIQUE!


This is my computer room (even though I'm not showing you the computer). This pic was taken several months ago~~~~I now have dried hydrangeas on the PINK ICE CREAM TABLE

I hope you've enjoyed visiting a few special rooms/finds in my FARMHOUSE! I hope to show you more later on! From one sweetie to another~~~~Roxie


  1. Ohhh, I LOVE the dresser in the foyer. Your home is beautiful and I would love to go with neutral colors, they seem so restful. All of your pictures are beautiful.

  2. Love your style! but how on earth do you keep that gorgeous fern going? I have to send mine to my husband business to over winter.

    1. So many people comment on that fern. It gets wonderful indirect light and there are no direct heat registers below it. I keep it watered often too. Plus add a little feed every now and then! Thanks! Roxie

  3. I really do love "Everything" you have showed us and my very favorite this time, is the petite chandelier over your sink..I bet it is so pretty at night. You are an inspiration for sure! xo

  4. Love your farmhouse style!! Your mantel is so pretty and I'm really loving your old Hosier Cupboard. My MIL has one and I drool over it everytime I see hers. I've been slowly changing over to lighter colors in my home with a little more white. I had a chandlier over my sink for years and just took it down to put up a vintage style light. So my chandlier is now going up in the hallway...can't get rid of it cuz I love it.

  5. You have a beautiful home :). Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday.

  6. Roxie, you have a beautiful home! I would love to see more of it. I am following you back and thanks for coming by my place. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. You have a beautiful home, Roxie! Love your chandy over the sink. Love the ice cream table and chair set, too.

  8. Your house is beautiful!!! I love the picture of you holding a frame, very pretty!!!

  9. I love your pics today Roxie, all beautiful pieces, I like the desk with the typewriter and the church board, and the vintage birdcage. Thank you for sharing.

    Jeanie x

  10. Beautiful Roxie ~~ You have an amazing eye for detail. I love the fern to! :) Your hoosier cupboard is gorgeous!!! I've been keeping an eye out for one.
    Have a great weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...xo

  11. Hello Roxie, Oh my, I enjoyed ever single photo. Your home is beyond lovely. I paused on each photo and thoroughly studied them. This post is better than looking through Country Living magazine. I also love your creative way to end the post, you're so talented.
    In answer to the comment you left me:
    I'm with you about enjoying seeing other parts of the USA and the world. That is one of the wonderful things about blogging. You get to see what the tourist guides don't show you. When I visit your blog I get reminded of my Indiana roots . . . I miss the Autumn's of the Midwest. Have a marvelous week and thanks so much for being such a sweetie pie and a true blogging friend. Connie :)

  12. Roxie, Your home is SO charming! I LOVE all your vintage goodness and style. Your vintage mantel is beautiful!
    Mary Alice

  13. Your home is so welcoming starting with your foyer. Love the details there!

  14. Hey pretty lady! Loved seeing some of your favorite pieces/places in your home. :) Today I bought 2 vintage tin lids that I am hanging somewhere in my kitchen. Hmmm...Where'd I get an idea like that? Thanks for the inspiration Roxie!

  15. Your home is so beautiful and full of vintage charm!! xo Heather

  16. Your house is incredible Roxie!! You are so talented at interior design, I really desperately need some lessons from you.... there is something about being able to put together a beautiful home, it's a real art form I think! I'm in love with those first 2 pictures of your kitchen eating area.... I can only dream of my house looking that good haha!! Love your posts as always :-)

    Vanessa x

  17. Dear Roxie...your rooms are all your vintage treasures...especially fond of the antique wicker lamp...I too have antique wicker in my home but no lamp. Love that you chose neutral too because I think your decorations show up so well. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day and God Bless!

  18. Thank you for sharing your home with us! I love your white built-in bookcase. Lovely.

  19. Roxie It all is beautiful but my fav is that antique chest in the foyer. I just love that piece. It really has character. It is all so pretty.