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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Power of the Cross....Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Day!  For those who are believers, this Easter Holiday is very special to us...
GOD sent his only SON to die for our sins on an old rugged cross.  In 3 days HE rose from the dead and now he sits with his FATHER on the throne in Heaven.  I serve a GOD who is not dead, but HE IS ALIVE!
     This CROSS is special to me.  My hubby made this for me last year (a surprise) out of a piece of antique bed wire.  He made it by hand, which was tedious work, for the wire is so old.   I think he did a beautiful job...very precious!

I've had many people ask me about the CROSS. (which was on my other porch all the time).  We had a few pieces of the antique wire left, so Hubby made a few more.  I will be giving these away as gifts~~~Have a Beautiful EASTER and Happy Resurrection Day!     Blessings~~~Roxie


  1. Have a beautifully blessed Easter.

  2. Those are beautiful!
    Friday we remember His death for us, but we also know that He stood up again. Thank you for showing your pictures. I wish you a blessed easter.


  3. When I was a little girl my daddy sat me down and very carefully told me the story of resurrection. He stressed how of all the days ever lived on this earth, these days from the cross to resurrection were the most important ever. He told me how Christmas was a wonderful happening, but how I should always remember that Easter weekend was the celebrations of the greatest gift ever given. Each Easter I remember my daddy's words as if it were yesterday and rejoice in the gift of rebirth through Christ my Savior.
    I love these crosses and the thoughtfulness of your dear husband.
    Have a blessed and joy-filled Easter weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. This is a wonderful time to remember how Jesus died for us, and how difficult for his Father to allow it.
    I, too, collect crosses and I think yours is perfect. What a wonderful gift your hubby made.
    I hope you have a good Easter.

  5. Roxie- Those are absolutely gorgeous!!! xo Diana

  6. hey sweet friend...................... MS> ROXIE .. I love these.. Just love love love . I oooohed and aaweeeeeeeeed all over the place. just cuteness... Hope that your Easter is blessed my friend.. HUGS

  7. Bless you Roxie, beautiful crosses...wonderful post....Hugs Francine.

  8. Roxie,
    These are beautiful and so are you. Thanks for sharing and may you have a blessed Easter.

  9. Dearest Roxie - what a gorgeous cross and how precious it is because hubby made it. Easter is truly a wonderful time of the year. I Thank you so much for sharing your crosses and your faith. By my visit to you mine is stronger too. Happy Easter - love Debbie

  10. Thank you, and same to you!
    PS Still have all that snow?

  11. Yes, yes, yes! Happy blessed resurrection day! i am in agreement and your handmade crosses are beautiful! Your husband had a wonderful inspiration and the crosses will continue to be a blessing, indeed.

  12. The crosses are gorgeous, I can tell they were a labor of love.
    He is risen!