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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TUBS, SINKS and MORE TUBS.......decisions, decisions


I'm going to show you some gorgeous bathrooms with clawfoot tubs from pinterest.  Now mind you, I have suggested to hubby that we should put a small clawfoot tub in the smaller bathroom.  We originally were going to keep the older, small tub but now have decided against it.
To my surprise, he says.....I think that might look nice.  So the search is on..........
In the meantime, I turn to dream..........I mean, get ideas! (my tiny bathroom is a far cry from this, but I will love it)  I've learned to be content in all things...God is good!





                                This is what we are considering.................................

But I have this one in my backyard..................the REAL thing!!  But weighs a ton!  It would need to be refinished...aprox. $400 plus BUT it's TOO big for the space.

I would love to have this console type sink....that's my first choice but I NEED storage....OLD house, not much storage!  Of course, I know I can use baskets but I don't know if that's enough...

           ............ But I am considering this Martha Stewart vanity (sorry for the blurry pic)
Very cottage, lots of storage and a white top.  The bottom base is a soft gray called sharkey

Now that the cottage is gutted.......the decisions and hard work begins.  It's very exciting but one must be careful to make the right choices.  Hope you have enjoyed a little insight to what hubby and I are thinking about and will be deciding very soon.  Have a wonderful, blessed week and please be careful and stay warm~~~loving prayers.......Roxie

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


              Hydrangeas from my garden at the farmhouse a few years ago~~~~~
             Needed to feel today some sunshine and the reminder of warmer weather~~~~~

Scarlet Roses climbing up the Church Feeder~~~~~that was the BEST year for my Roses!
                                          I can SMELL them now


                               Sorry Lord, I know I shouldn't complain...................

                            Have beautiful, blessed days ahead~~~Roxie

Saturday, January 18, 2014


 It's been snowing again the last 2 days at the cottage and work is going slow..........but we are still in the "gutting" process.  We had a 22 ft. long dumpster dropped and it is half full.  A few pics for your curiosity!

As you can see, amongst this mess......I MUST try a few paint colors!  Of course, I had to add a little curtain for a visual!  Silly me.
This room was the first addition to the home back in the 70's.  NO WOOD floor under the carpet...too bad.
This rooms ceiling is completely coming down.  And the cabinet doesn't belong came from the kitchen and will be moved to the basement for storage.


                               Now this............
The sink and dishwasher will be under the NEW larger opening........the stove will be straight ahead........and the fridge will be on the right side.  OPEN SHELVING will be on the left, and on the stove wall.

Similar to this................this pic is at dark at the Storybook Cottage.  I had a daytime pic but couldn't get it to upload.  My kitchen will be layed out like this but I believe my area is a tad bigger...not much though!  My cabinets will be white.

This area will be an extension of the kitchen.  I have a lot of ideas for this space........

This is a picture of the other bathroom I hadn't shown you........Hubby gutted it this week.  It is a decent size room.  We removed the dinosaur corner tub, double vanity and toilet.  We plan to install a walk-in shower, sink and a closet for a stackable washer/dryer.

And here is a sneak pic of the upstairs attic bedroom (one side)......lots of knotty pine!  That is a walk-in closet ahead

The other side of the room.....(sorry, don't know what is on the camera lens).  Those old white ceiling tiles are no longer there.......those were removed last week!  New drywall will add a better look!  The wood cornice/valance above the window has an original built-in light.  It's hidden and sweet!  Hubby said he didn't mind if I wanted to white wash or paint the upstairs room......yeah!

Well, there you have it on the latest update!  There are a few more things I could have shown but I will save those for the next time!  Blessings and stay warm~~~Roxie

Sunday, January 12, 2014


One of the unique and wonderful things about the street we are moving to is the WOOD CARVINGS of  different things at some of the pretty houses on the street.
A talented wood-carver named Dan has created these designs as the homeowners wish.  Dan lives at one end of the street and it all started with him having a few carvings on his beautiful property.
The carving of this squirrel with the nut feeder is two doors down from our cottage.  The property owners lost a huge, old tree in 2008 and they had Dan carve this.  I have to is so unique and quite entertaining to look at.  It's over 6ft tall.....I love it!

                                                            Side pic.......

                                   Another view..........

The neighbor across the street has a pineapple.  She uses hers as an address number too.  Too creative!
In case you don't know, the pineapple is a symbol for "HOSPITALITY"

                                  A beautiful eagle down the street.............

                                                   Mr. Wizzard...........
                                        The wizzard sits in Dan's yard

                           Mr. Bear scratching his back on the tree...............he's so cute!

                     Another Eagle.....this one is much smaller but he is holding the American Flag

I hope you have enjoyed the wood-carvings on our cottage street.  We have a few dead trees and if possible Hubby and I would like to have a carving.......but we'll see!   It's so nice to see a unique touch to our street!  Very friendly neighbors who care.............Which one is your favorite?       Blessings~~~Roxie

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I would love to show you a place called "Storybook Cottage".  It is located in Tenn.  It's a newer cottage and it sits on 8 wooded acres.  You can actually stay there.........

                                     I just love the fresh colors!  Look at that floor!

                                    So warm and comfy...filled with unique vintage and antiques!

                                                             This is amazing!

                                                 A closer look.........

When I saw the size and arrangement of this kitchen, it reminded me of the lay-out I will be doing in my cottage kitchen!!   My sink will be on the left with an open inside window........the stove will be in the middle...and the fridge will be on the right.
Even though I won't be using this gray color on my cabinets......I do want the open shelving around the stove area!

This is on the other end of the kitchen.  A quaint table area with stools.....LOVE the piece on the wall....

                                                    I LOVE the rustic with the romantic!

                                   Back to the LR............look at all the pretty surroundings

A shop called City Farmhouse in Franklin, Tenn. decorated this cottage.  City Farmhouse has a FB page!  You will love her shop!   Hope you enjoyed the tour of Storybook Cottage........Blessings~~~Roxie

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Finally, after several weeks of promising to show you pictures of the inside of the cottage, here are a few!  And PLEASE understand, when I say these pics are in the rough.....they are!
A few items are still lingering, but will be gone soon!
What you are seeing is a little alcove coming in from the front door.  The white door on the right is a closet and the louver doors hide steps to the upstairs bedroom.  The living room is in the background.

This is the full picture of the entry......very small but cozy.  The front entry door is on the left.....and you saw the other doors in the previous pic.  This is the original wood hasn't been swept or anything.

This is the knotty pine living room with the stone fireplace.  I am taking the picture from the back of the next room.  There is original hardwood floors under the carpet.

Here is a pic taken the next day with some of the stuff gone.........see my hubby in the window?  Working very hard!!

Off of the living room is the TINY kitchen......I believe it is a 9 x 10.  If you notice the "window opening" above the sink, that will be opened all the way up.  We cannot take this whole wall's a load bearing wall.  Much more expense!  But to the left is an adjoining room which I plan on using as an extension of the kitchen!  This is a total gut job you are looking at!   Of course, the red walls will be painted a fresh, clean soft white as well as the other rooms.  Other colors on the walls are aqua blue, dark gray, gold and brown.  Those colors will be hard to cover but I am looking forward to soft white walls!

Here is a closer look of the kitchen.......and yes, those bottles are going!!   The door to the right goes to the basement.  The original  door was removed in the past 8 yrs......too bad.

I wanted to show you some Martha Stewart cabinetry.  I am thinking about going with her line.  She has an old-fashioned cabinet with hardware I like.....this is what you see. (Of course, my lay-out isn't like this)  One thing I know for sure, I am going with white.  The kitchen doesn't have a window, even though it is open for other light to get through.  Hubby and I feel white will be the best.

Next, I am showing you 1 of the 2 full bathrooms.  This is the smallest.  It is actually off the master bedroom.  I can't show you the master bedroom yet, it is full of hubbys tools etc.  It is a small bedroom too.

We will be removing the sink, toilet and floor and doing some electrical work in here also.  Like taking that vent off the wall............I am looking at vanities/sinks now......I know we need storage space.

And these are the steps behind the louver door,,,,,,,,,,..I don't have pics of the upstairs attic bedroom but will soon!

Sorry, this picture is out of order.......I meant to show earlier.   You can see the opening to the kitchen from this angle.  This is an area that I am making part of the kitchen.........Also, to the left is a white door.  That door will become a much larger opening (about 3X) and you will see the family room.  That is the addition to the house which was added about 15 years ago.  The room is quite large...about a 20 x 20 with a full bathroom off it.  It is also cathedral ceilings.  Sorry, I can't show you just yet......too much "stuff" in there.
We are taking this ceiling and fan down too.  We don't like it and feel we can't improve on it the way it is.
I am also considering making the original living room a dining room.  I think it would be nice and cozy with that wood burning fireplace!

And do you notice anything different?  No Yellow on the front of the cottage!!  The cedar shake is finished on the front except there has to be some new white trim and the front door sanded and stained.  The storm/glass door will be removed.  That won't happen until Spring.
I know this post has been a little long but I hope you enjoyed your "ROUGH" tour of the cottage.  We have many months of work ahead and the weather is delaying us some.  But I have to say......the snow is pretty!
Blessings and a wonderful week,,,,,,,,,,stay warm to those in the Midwest and North East!~~~Roxie